Online Grocery Shopping Jobs – How to Apply?

Becoming an online grocery shopper is a great and legitimate way to make extra income on the side. Many people aren’t aware they can get paid just by doing grocery shopping for others in their free time. And online grocery shopping jobs don’t require you to have any minimum education.

It’s first important to note that the title of this position can be a bit misleading; although some work is done online (assessing the items and needs of the customer), the job duties do involve going to stores in person and picking out the goods.


Not sure how to apply for online grocery shopping jobs or where to get started? No worries. You can move in the right path by following this guide.

What Are Online Grocery Shopping Jobs?

Online grocery shopping jobs involve helping someone to purchase their groceries online. The reasons why a person may want to hire an online grocery shopper are vast. Busy employees, the elderly, and individuals dealing with medical issues all count on the assistant of these specialists. In other words, online grocery shoppers provide guidance, advice, and buying services to clients who cannot shop for themselves or who do not have the time to go shopping.

Nature of Online Grocery Jobs

The shopper will be required to analyze the needs of the client (as created in the client’s online shopping cart), create a shopping plan, and then pick up products in store that suit them. The role also involves meeting/chatting with clients online to discuss their grocery shopping needs, determining and managing budgets, and keeping customers informed of the latest products. They may be required to maintain relationships with existing customers, as well. A grocery shopper can work anywhere from 8 to 12 hours, depending on the number of orders that day.

Online grocery shopping jobs are not done totally online.
Online Grocery Shopping Jobs

Online Grocery Shopping Job Rates

If you are self-employed, you will often be able to set your prices. Your rates will, however, largely depend on the size of the grocery list and the time you are willing to put in. With that said, employed grocery shoppers can expect to earn around $12-$25 per hour. You can make even more when you include tips.

Online Grocery Shopping Job Eligibility

There are no formal qualifications to foray into the online grocery shopping world. You don’t need any permit or personal training to become a shopper. However, you must have a vast knowledge of products and services and be able to advise your clients accordingly. You must be frequently available, able to transport yourself, and dedicated to the needs of the customers. Also, you are required to maintain the highest level of professionalism, not only in attitude but also in appearance.

Therefore, this job is suited to individuals who have proven communication and customer service skills, knowledge of trends, and don’t mind working irregular schedules that at times include weekends and holidays. Experience in retailing and professional buying can make you a more desirable candidate.


How to Apply for Online Grocery Shopping Jobs

Working as a salesperson in a grocery store might give you a great start, helping you either to work your way up to online grocery shopper for the store or to find your first clients among the store’s existing clients.

You will need to build an excellent reputation for yourself before you gain reliable clients. Word will then travel, and within a short time, you should get your first order.

You can also attain a job like this by getting on a job search platform such as Indeed and searching for grocery shopper jobs at local grocery stores or through companies that hire specifically for this work.

If you believe you have the required time and abilities necessary to succeed in a position like this, get started today seeking out a position as an online grocery shopper.