See the Benefits and How to Apply for Job Openings at More Retail

Are you a recent graduate seeking the ideal job to start your blossoming career? More Retail may be the right place for you!

According to their mission statement, More Retail aims to be India’s most preferred choice for food, grocery, and lifestyle needs in their neighborhood.

More Retail’s primary objective has been to provide consistent quality products to their customers. Continue with your reading if you want to understand the benefits of working for More Retail, and how you can apply for job openings there.

See the Benefits and How to Apply for Job Openings at More Retail

What Does More Retail Believe In?

By exploring your career opportunities at More Retail, you would be doing nothing but a favor to your resume. Working with a company that offers quality to its customers should provide you with the work ethics required to survive in a modern-day competitive business environment.

More Retail is one of the few companies in India that focuses on talent and its importance. Working with them, you just need to show grit, dedication, and your willingness to learn, and you’re good to go!

The company focuses on hiring the best and training them to adapt to a culture of excellence and outperformance.

Benefits of Working with More Retail

Respect is the first thing any candidate looks for when it comes to the workplace environment. At More Retail, special and thorough attention is paid to ensure that every employee is treated with respect and dignity in every phase of their working tenure.

Whistle Blower Policy

With the help of their Whistle Blower Policy, any employee has the right to report any instance of unethical behavior, actual or suspected fraud, or violation of the code of conduct without fearing reprimands.

The code of conduct at More Retail revolves highly around the growth and learning of its employees to deliver the best to their customers while nourishing the employee skillset.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Their Prevention of Sexual Harassment policy protects employees by promoting a healthy work culture as their values inculcate respect and equality for all.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

There is also an Occupational Health and Safety Policy that will safeguard their employees’ health at the workplace, making sure that they’re not deprived of their safety rights.

The environment is amicable, and the management is more than just willing to hear you out should you face any difficulty at work.

What Positions Are Available

See the Benefits and How to Apply for Job Openings at More Retail

At More Retail, they are currently offering two job openings. One of them is for the Field Officer Pune A-48 in Narayangaon, which requires an experience of 2-3 years in the relevant field. You can apply for this job through their portal.

The other job opening is for Production in Charge-63 in Hyderabad, which requires no experience in the relevant field, and you can apply for this job through the same portal linked above.

To apply, you will simply have to create an account and put in all of your credentials and the other details required by the company.

By doing all of this successfully, you will be considered a prospective candidate for that position, and More Retail will get back to you at their earliest! Just keep an eye out for any emails or phone calls so that you don’t miss the interview.


It is guaranteed that throughout your experience with More Retail, the superiors will guide you through every situation and help you become a better version of yourself.

A job plays a significant role in shaping individuals. More Retail, along with all of its employee-centric policies, has the best chance at nurturing your talent and providing you with opportunities to foster collaboration.

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