Books for Cash: Make Money Selling Old Books Online

You may have a stack of old books you no longer use, or you know someone who does. Instead of discarding them, why not sell them and earn some income from them? Does this seem like a reasonable offer?

Well, before you get too excited, it is important to understand how competitive it is and how you can beat the competition. To sell, you need to stand out from the competition.

Selling anything online requires great attention to detail. Since customers will surely be shopping with their eyes,  you will need to make sure your items are appealing. Here is more information on how to make money selling books online. 

Classic old books

Know Where To Buy Your Stock 

You might have a few books to sell, but that is not enough. Your ability to conduct research will be useful here. Start with family and friends and check whether they have some they are willing to throw away. A book may be valuable even if it is decades old. Check out charity organizations; they might also have books they no longer use, which you can use to your advantage.

Another place to consider is an auction site, both online and offline. They usually have second-hand books to donate. Check out house clearances too. For instance, the family of a deceased member might want to clean the house and allow you to take the old books there-in and sell them.

Other than that, there are other places you can check out, such as Goodwill, Garage Sales, eBay, Craigslist, and Amazon.

Tips to Successfully Sell Your Books

You will have to take clear pictures of your books and write a clear description of them as your marketing tool. Take pictures of the front, back, and both sides. And if there are any damages, take a picture and talk about that too. It is suitable for the buyer to know exactly what they are getting into.

As you describe your books, remember to include the date of publication, the title, and the book’s author. The latest books will also have an ISBN. Remember to add that too, as it gives more information on the date of publication and its publishing format. If there is anything special that the buyer should know, include that as well For example, does the book have the author’s autograph?

Put yourself in the buyer’s position, and clean your books. Just because you picked them in a yard sale full of dust and cobwebs doesn’t mean you should sell it the same way too. Clean them, wipe off any dirt, use chemicals to restore any faint color. You will raise the worth of your book by doing this.

Books for Cash: Make Money Selling Old Books Online 1

Where To Sell Your Old Books

There are several places to sell your books and you don’t have to stick to only selling online. You can also sell to family and friends. If this is not possible, check out that start-up school near you. If you give them at a lower price, they might reconsider buying from a publication house. Also, eBay is another great platform to sell your books, especially if you’re selling a new edition kind of book. Amazon, though not so common, can be a platform to consider too.

Bottom Line

If you are a book lover and stuck with hundreds of books gathering dust on your shelves, why not sell them and earn some extra cash? This could prove to be a lucrative business and a great hobby! Check out these sites mentioned in this article and make that extra dollar in the comfort of your home.

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