How To Make Money Selling Your Artwork Online

If you are creative, you may be wondering how you can make money from your talent. You may even be wondering if it is even possible to make money from your artwork. The answer to both of the questions is a huge yes! 

Some artists quit their 9-5 jobs to pursue this dream, and if they did, so can you. With the right strategies, hard work, and commitment, you can make a living selling your art. However, we are aware that this is unlikely to just happen overnight. It can be a long, slow process to be able to live solely off selling your artwork. 

That being said, with a little bit of patience and perseverance, it is well within reach! If you are ready to turn that Sunday hobby into a lucrative business, this is the article for you. Here is some advice you should take into account if you want to make money by selling your artwork online.How To Make Money Selling Your Artwork Online 1

Determine Your Pricing

As an artist, it is essential to zero down on a price for your business. Consider the fact that you might have to adjust severally before you come up with the final price. The good news is that you are your boss, and as such, you can change and set prices according to your own will. However, don’t do it on impulse; you should consider the local prices, and come up with a competitive price. 

Keep in mind, too, that most people buy the artist and not the artwork itself, as such, you might have to consider starting small and establishing yourself first. Then, once you stand out, you can raise your prices. 

Running Your Online Business

Thanks to technology, the internet has made it easy for everyone to sell their products, and this might be the ideal marketplace for you too. The truth is there are so many artists out there, but this should not discourage you. You only have to be unique and be able to stand out; the rest will fall in place naturally.

It is important to create a website and optimize it. You can also create a blog or even a portfolio, but make sure you continuously upload up-to-date content and art pieces. Also, include your contact information and prices. Always remember to optimize your business so that people can easily find you.

Sell Your Art Pieces On Third-Party Websites

If you feel like marketing your artwork is too much work, you might consider selling them to already existing online websites. However, before you do anything, first do your due diligence and find out which sites fit your needs. Furthermore, these websites charge a commission for selling your pieces; it’s not free. 

Here are some websites to consider using to sell your artwork.

  • Artfinder
  • Saatchi Art
  • Artplode
  • Shutterstock
  • CODAworx
  • Society6
  • Creative Market
  • Zazzle
  • Etsy
  • Printful
  • Artfire
  • Alamy
  • Amazon

 How To Successfully Sell Your Art Pieces Through Social Media

Whether you choose Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, or any other platform, always remember to employ the right tricks and tools for marketing your artwork. Not every platform is suitable for you; as such, you might have to find out which one best works for you. Do the research and find out how each one of them works, find out whether you will be charged any commission, whether you are eligible, and so on. 

Other than that, consider taking high-quality pictures of your artwork and be consistent in your posting. These actions will assist you in building a following. You can also generate traffic by paying for ads and linking back to your blog, portfolio, or website. This will also help you increase sales. 

How To Make Money Selling Your Artwork Online 2

Bottom Line

If you are an artist, don’t let your talent go to waste! You can make a living by selling your art. Yes, hundreds of people have turned this into their full-time job, and so can you. However, you must be disciplined, employ smart strategies, and be patient to start reaping the fruits of your hard work.

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