How To Become A Garment Specialist

Other than being a fashion designer, there are different, less-known positions in the fashion industry. One of these positions is being a garment specialist. You might be wondering what their role is; they oversee the process of garment production, every step of the way, from design to manufacturing. They are always available when selecting the right fabric and ensuring that everything remains within the client’s budget.

This is one of the most distinguished careers in the fashion world, and this is because they are the ones responsible for the process of garment production running smoothly. Without them, you would be seeing designs that don’t match fabrics, which is the last thing the client wants from fashion designers. Designers depend so much on garment specialists to choose the right materials for them.


If you are the kind who likes fashion but does not want to be in the limelight, you may enjoy working as a garment specialist. To learn more about this career, continue reading below. 


Getting Your Foot In The Door

Experts advise starting smaller and then advancing later after learning the ins and outs of this position. After all, you want to know what you are talking about before you make decisions about large orders. You will need to work with suppliers who have machines and learn how to use them as well as how to put pieces together. Tools such as Gerber are very crucial in teaching you how to design patterns, and this is the first step towards becoming a garment technologist.


How Much You Can Earn

Pay varies with the agency you are working with or the state you live in. Keep in mind that small companies don’t pay as much as big companies. Also, the demand for your job will also determine your pay. In the same vein, expect about $20,000 to $30,000 per year. However, this pay can rise to up to $70,000, depending on your expertise.

Eligibility To Become A Garment Specialist

Well, just like any other job, you will need special skill sets to succeed in your career. You have to be passionate about your job and also be self-driven. Additionally, you have to be able to work under minimum supervision since there will not be anyone chasing after you every day. You also must be willing to learn every day as this industry keeps changing as new trends and materials emerge. 

You should have a background in fashion design or at least try to find out about it. You will also have to learn different fabrics and manufacturing processes in order to succeed. 


Roles And Responsibilities

Overall, garment specialists are responsible for the final product. They always work hand-in-hand with the whole team to ensure a fabric comes out as per the client’s requests. Here are some of their significant roles.

  • Working with the purchasing departments to ensure they buy the right materials to use
  • Checking whether the quality of the product matches the client’s requests
  • Working to cut and pattern different fabrics
  • Working with Adobe and product lifecycle management.

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Bottom Line

If fashion has always been your passion, then now is the best time ever to begin working as a garment specialist. First, learn the basics, then practice the skills, and then approach a design agency near you to get started.

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