How to Make Money as a Store Manager

Store managers are usually responsible for taking care of entire stores, plus the employees who work there. They also oversee the general operations of a store and ensure everything runs smoothly to meet their standards.

As a store manager, you will additionally be in charge of planning and promoting the schedules of the business and employees, interviewing, hiring, and even disciplining employees who work under you.

You should also ensure that the store is well-stocked, clean at all times, and in its proper working order. In case of anything, you must report to the senior management.

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Expected Salary of a Store Manager

Your salary will depend on what kind of company you are working for and which state you live in. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, if you are working in a restaurant as a food service manager, you will earn a median of $48,130. If you are being paid per hour, expect to earn about $23.14 per hour. Of course, pay will depend on how much experience you have in this field.

Eligibility to Become a Store Manager

Likewise, this also depends on your field of work, but of course, you have to have at least a few years of experience in this field. If not, there are several management courses available that you can enroll in to gain more skills for the job. Also, you might have to consider starting small and later climbing up the ladder to a general manager position.

Skills Required to Become a Successful Store Manager

Having a degree or a master’s is not enough in this line of work. Since you are going to be dealing with lots of people daily, you will be required to have some set of skills to succeed in your workplace.

You need to have leadership skills. This is because your employees have to be motivated at all times, and you should also be able to make hard decisions for the smooth running of your department.
A good store leader is supposed to be a timekeeper. If you do not live by example, then who will?

Furthermore, you should be able to create schedules, take note of what is missing in order supplies, and finally, write reports. If you are not a timekeeper, all this might not be done on time.
You should have excellent analytical skills. As someone who will be responsible for hiring and firing employees, being a good judge of character can help you know which candidate is fit for the position and which one is not.

Excellent customer service abilities are also a must. You should know exactly how to deal with people. How to interact with clients is crucial in your business, as this will determine whether they are to come back or not. This will also help you know exactly how to solve your client’s issues and even help you create a rapport with your clients.


If you feel you possess the required abilities and you are a good fit to become a store manager, check out available openings near you and apply. Be sure to write a perfect resume together with a cover letter, and if you are called for an interview, remember to dress appropriately and be confident. We wish you the best of luck!

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