Job Vacancies at Starbucks – Learn How to Apply

With over 32,000 stores all over the world, Starbucks has continued to make one of the best coffee out there. This is the result of hiring talented people to work at Starbucks.

Working at Starbucks is a challenging yet very rewarding experience. The company offers great salaries, benefits, and a career path unlike any other.

If you want to expand your horizons or simply land your dream job at Starbucks, you should learn the application process and how to apply.

Job Vacancies at Starbucks - Learn How to Apply
Image Source: Starbucks

Where to Find Job Vacancies at Starbucks

Finding a job at a very popular coffeehouse chain like Starbucks is filled with excitement but it can also be challenging on where to start.

It offers a very positive and inclusive work environment that many people are looking for.

Starbucks has a wide variety of roles to fill and you can find them with these options.

Online Job Portals

If you’re looking for an easy way to find job vacancies to apply for at Starbucks, your best bet is to check out online job portals like Indeed and Glassdoor.

These online job portals provide all the details that you need including the job description, the salary, the benefits, and more with your chosen role during your application.


Aside from looking online, you can take advantage of your network of friends and family to see if there are vacant jobs at your local Starbucks.

You can also check at the store yourself and ask if there are positions that you qualify for.

Social Media

Social media has played a very prominent role in advertising.

You can follow and check their official Starbucks page and see if there are job vacancies that you can apply for.

They often provide more information about the role that you’re interested in when you send them a message.

Check Out the Official Website

One of the best ways for you to apply for work at Starbucks is to check their official website.

On the website, click on Careers and it should provide you with different categories to choose from ranging from Retail to Corporate to apply from.

Jobs Available at Starbucks

If you check out the official website, you’ll discover that there are a lot of available jobs that you can apply for at Starbucks.

Job Vacancies at Starbucks - Learn How to Apply
Image Source: Starbucks

Here are a few of the most typical and well-liked employment options available.


Baristas are one of the most common positions at Starbucks. They are the people who work tirelessly to bring you the best quality coffee that you can find.

Baristas are skilled individuals that help serve your coffee needs. Most baristas earn around $14.75 an hour.

Shift Managers

Shift managers are often responsible for laying out the different schedules for the baristas.

Additionally, they are accountable for ensuring that there are enough employees on a given shift and providing coverage for those who cannot make it to work. A shift manager in the US earns around $40,000 a year.

Store Managers

Store managers make day-to-day business decisions within a certain Starbucks store.

They also manage the finances, and inventory, and help promote the store. These managers are more likely to decide if you should be hired for employment.

Store managers usually have around $45,000 per year as a salary.

Human Resources

Human resources also play a role in the employment of an applicant. This is also quite a popular role that many people are applying for.

Human resources take care of the employees by providing them with support and information regarding their employment.

They often get a salary of around $150,000 per year.

Supply Chain

The supply chain is another job opening at Starbucks that ensures all the supplies for each store are delivered on time.

They receive the reports from each store especially when it comes to refilling the supplies and deliver it to them as fast as possible to keep the business going. You’ll be compensated around $80,000 per year for your work.

Research and Development

Research and development play a crucial role in keeping things interesting with Starbucks. If you notice how there are new items on the menu at your local Starbucks, they are the people that work on them.

They develop new products and research their marketability. If you are fond of this kind of role, it is just one of the many job vacancies that you can apply for at Starbucks. The average salary for this job is around $82,000 per year.

Steps to Apply for a Vacancy at Starbucks

Applying for a job vacancy at Starbucks is very easy.

Job Vacancies at Starbucks - Learn How to Apply
Image Source: Business Insider

All you need to do is learn the application process so you can prepare for the necessary steps.

Here are the steps to apply for a vacancy at Starbucks.

Learn the Requirements First

The initial action you must take is to learn the requirements and gather the necessary documents. These include your birth certificate and any other valid ID that you can use that has your details.

You might also be required to submit your Social Security Number and many other details so prepare before you apply.

Check All Job Openings

Check the recommendations above on where you can find the job openings.

Make sure that you read through all the job vacancies as well as the roles and responsibilities.

Review the Salary

Review the salary and make sure that you can earn a decent living with what they are offering.

If not, you can always negotiate your salary during the interview.

Prepare Your Resume and Apply

Next, you can send your resume to apply.

Make sure that your resume has all the important details so that the recruiter will not have to contact you again for additional information.

Be Prepared for the Interview

Once they receive your resume, they will review your application. They will either schedule you for an interview at the store or interview you by phone.

Once done, they will either offer you a job or ask you to apply for other positions available on the website.


Explore a wide variety of possibilities for work at Starbucks. Using this guide, you ought to be able to determine what kind of job vacancies are available for you to apply for, how much you can earn, and the benefits you get from working at Starbucks.

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