Learn About Ecommerce With a Paid Shopify Internship

Shopify is a software service subscription that offers the ability to create a website and use their shopping cart solutions to sell, ship, and manage goods.

They build tools to help entrepreneurs start and grow a business wherever they may be. Their commitment to the users lies at the heart of their approach to problem-solving, paving the way for sustained growth.


If you care passionately about engineering, design, development, or research, you can have the chance to learn how eCommerce businesses are run on a global scale by being a Shopify intern.

Learn About Ecommerce With a Paid Shopify Internship 1
Image Source: Shopify

Where to Apply

You can see available Shopify internship positions at Shopify Careers, and apply online.

You can also sign up to stay updated on future job internship positions by providing your email address and selecting one team: Internships. Afterward, click submit.


After clicking on the position that you’re aiming for, you will be led to the specific job description and qualifications and the benefits you’ll get from the job.

To submit your application if you are qualified for the position and are interested in it, click the “Apply Now” option.

Then, it will lead you to an information form that needs to be filled out. You will be asked to attach your resume or CV and provide your full name and contact details.


Keep your Skype, LinkedIn, Github, and portfolio URLs ready.

Furthermore, there will be a question about your time zone and an option to add your cover letter or anything else you want to share. Once you’ve done that, click “Submit Application.”

Wait for them to contact you regarding the next steps, which would involve a series of interviews.

Tips for Interviews

During interviews, stay true to yourself, and don’t pretend to be someone you are not. Having interpersonal skills is as important as having technical competence.

Shopify looks for people who are passionate about expanding their skill set. Make sure you bring that point across through each interview phase.

If you apply for a role requiring a personal project, show one that is focused on what you are interested in working on.

Some interviews are technical in nature, especially for developers and engineers. Expect to solve conceptual problems verbally, not through coding terms.

Learn About Ecommerce With a Paid Shopify Internship 2
Image Source: Shopify

How Much Do They Pay

According to Glassdoor, the base salary of an hourly Shopify intern ranges from CA$20-CA$36, with an average of CA$30 hourly.

Software Developer interns are paid in the range of CA$27-CA$38 per hour – an hourly average of CA$33. While Software Engineer interns are paid in the range of CA$31-CA$36 hourly, an average of CA$34.

Moreover, a Production Engineering intern earns an average of CA$5,427 monthly, with a salary range of CA$5k-CA$6k.

A Design intern gets an average of CA$27 per hour, with a salary ranging from CA$21 to CA$28. Lastly, a Data Science intern’s salary ranges from CA$30 to CA$43 hourly, with an average of CA$36 per hour.

What You Can Learn

At Shopify, interns are treated like permanent staff. You’re going to be working on real eCommerce projects, solving real problems, and getting feedback along the way.

They provide the tools you need, and they trust you to make the right decisions and take ownership. According to some former Shopify interns, you should expect a lot of technical growth.

The Bottom Line

Shopify has been breaking down the barriers to building a business and empowering more communities to be contributors to the global economy.

As it works towards continuously changing the face of eCommerce, the company needs diverse individuals who are willing to work with the same purpose in mind.

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