Candle Business: How to Start Making Money

For one point or another, many people buy candles, making them a great product to make and sell in a candle business. First, to start a business, you need to learn the right skills for making candles.

You must also legalize your business and find out where you will be selling your candles to the public. If you’re in home design, DIY projects are a popular choice to build beautiful and unique home decor. DIY projects are rewarding, and you can make money out of them, just like with making candles. 


Here are the simple steps you need to take if you plan to start your own candle business. 

Candle Business
Candle-making is one of the best DIY projects that can turn into a profitable business. Photo credits to:

Step 1: Know What You Want

Decide what kind of candle you want to make with your candle business. It’s wise to limit yourself to one or two items when you first start. It’s probably the simplest in candles to make container candles, but you can also produce mold candles or taper candles. You can also join local organizations and workshops to expand your knowledge in candle making. 

Step 2: Know the Types of Wax to Work With

Choose a wax with which to work. There are several main groups of waxes. Most of what you use is based on choice. One group is paraffin, a petroleum by-product. Depending on what type of candles you produce, you will find it in several melting points. For example, tapers need a higher melting point than container candles.


Beeswax is another type of wax. Beeswax is a bee-made product, so it has a natural, light smell of honey. Many people prefer this wax because it’s all-natural, while others blend beeswax with other waxes for their candles.

The third category of waxes is vegetable waxes, the most common being soy. One advantage of soy wax is that it is pure white, and when you pour it, it also doesn’t compress, meaning you don’t have to pour wax more than once. Also in this category is the Bayberry wax.

Step 3: Set Up Your Workspace

You will need an open flame heat source, a well-lit workspace, a room for setting up an assembly process, and sufficient storage space for your supplies. You will also need a climate-controlled environment to store your finished candles, as well as a packaging area.


Make sure to buy the right type of fire extinguishers or a system for fire suppression. Hot wax is unstable and can quickly become a consuming blaze due to an accidental spill.

Step 4: Start the Research with the Laws

Become familiar with the zoning laws of your town as you design your workspace and remain legal. If you deal with flammable materials, it is advisable to take extra caution. Investigate the city fire codes, get all necessary permits, and talk to your insurance agent.

If you are supposed to have a fire and authorities determine that your business is operating outside the law, your liability might be significant.

Step 5: Make Your Candle Business Plan

A business plan is an active guide that charts your business structure. This includes what your business is going to sell, how it is going to be organized, how it looks on the market, and how you plan to sell your product or service.

For every business plan or project in this matter, research is necessary. That’s why you need to evaluate your market, location, and timeline before starting a business. To write the perfect plan carefully, you need to know your business, brand, competition, and the market.


After all these steps, you can now practice your craft in your workstation. It is best to involve your time in practicing and researching different techniques and styles of candles when you go into the candle business. For more business-related tips, click here.

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