How to Startup a Florist Business

Starting a florist business is always a lucrative option in today’s world. Flowers have always played a significant role in expressing emotions in our daily lives.

From celebrating birthdays to the birth of a new child, showing love, apologizing, or expressing sympathy, flowers remain important.


It’s no wonder the florist business has flourished for years now and remains strong. If you would like to start a florist business, this is the right article for you.

Florist Business

Qualifications for Starting a Florist Business

You don’t necessarily need a specific education to start a florist business. However, getting some training might go a long way. You can opt for a simple course in line with this business, but do your research first.


Having entrepreneurial skills is very important in running your business. You will also need business skills and creative skills, as well. You should possess enough creativity to arrange flowers for different tastes. If still in doubt, consider working for someone for a couple of months as you learn the ropes and gain more experience.

How Much Money Do You Need to Start a Florist Business?

Your location will determine how much you require. Are you operating online, or do you have a physical location? If you choose to open a shop, whether in an expensive city like London or any other locality, first consider the cost of the premise before anything else.

Florists do not usually need lots of equipment, but some basics are essential. You will need refrigerated cases to keep your flowers fresh and increase their shelf life. You should consider transportation costs,  for instance, if you have to provide flowers for events and weddings. Other equipment you will need include flower buckets, arrangement equipment, and display items.


Once you have figured out how much starting up this business will cost you, you can go ahead and take advantage of the funding options available. Having a plan in place will help you have a rough idea of the costs involved. If you do not have savings in place, consider getting funding from crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending platforms, or even small loans from the government.

Requirements for Starting a Florist Business

To start a florist business, you will need to meet several requirements ranging from equipment, premises, and even your skills at hand. Listed below are a few more things you must have to run your business.

  • A location, whether you are setting up your business by the street side or a space in your house to get started
  • Funding for your business
  • Equipment such as buckets and refrigerated cases to keep your flowers fresh
  • Your skills, such as entrepreneurial, creative, and customer care skills
  • Stock
  • Budget and business plan

How to Attract Customers for Your Business

Just like it is with many other businesses, the biggest hurdle is attracting customers to your business. Having loyal clients is not easy, but it’s certainly a formula for your business’s success. You will have to invest in social media like Facebook, Instagram, or even Pinterest to showcase your services.

Be sure to include your location, contact information, and the different floral services you offer. Post beautifully arranged flowers to attract customers. Be strategic and know the kind of clients you want. You can also use word of mouth to pass on the message. You can even offer incentives or discounts to new customers.


If you are creative with love for flowers, then starting up a florist business will be the best move for you. However, before you start, first do your due diligence, know your kind of audience, know how much you need to get started, and you will be good to go.

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