How to Write a Business Plan for Any Start-Up Business

A business plan is a living document mapping the structure of your project. This includes what your company will be selling, how it will be organized, how it looks like the market, and your sales strategy for your goods or services.

This plan also includes what financing you will need, what your financial projections are, and what licenses, leases, and other documents will be required.


Continue reading this post to discover more about what it takes to write up a proper business plan, especially if you are interested in a start-up business.

Start-Up Business Plan
A business plan helps you prepare for a more holistic approach before starting a business. Photo credits to:

Before Writing Your Business Plan

Step 1: Know Why You Are Unique

Think carefully about what makes your company different first before you start making up a business plan. For example, if you’re planning to start a new athletic clothing business, you’ll need to distinguish yourself from the many other athletic brands out there.

Not only do you market your product or service, but you also offer a mixed service, cost, and customer experience. Before you dig into the details of your research business plan, think through and clarify these big questions.


Step 2: Research

Researching is essential to every business plan or any plan in this matter. That is why, before starting up a business, you need to analyze your market, location, and time frame. You need to know your business, brand, competition, and the market carefully to write the perfect plan.

It’s up to you to know all you can about your business and the profession you’re entering. Learn about your industry and talk to your viewers about everything you can. To understand what your target market wants, you can also set up surveys.

Step 3: Create a Company Profile

Your business profile should encompass your company’s background, the products or services you provide, your target market and audience, available resources, problem-solving approach, and what sets your business apart.


How to Write Your Business Plan

Step 1: Write a Summary

The executive summary’s purpose is to provide readers with a broad perspective of the market and the company before going into the details. Explain briefly what the business is, where you are going to be, what you are going to sell, and to whom you are going to sell. Explain briefly who owns it and what previous experience and skills they can bring to the table and who might be the first hires.

Step 2: Know Your Business Model

With the business model, you have the opportunity to give a description of what your organization is doing, your statement of purpose, business structure and information of the business owner, and location.

Step 3: Analyze Your Market Condition

From your research, analyze your results. Eventually, the market will dictate how effective your business is going to be. What’s your target market, and why would they like to buy from you?

Step 4: Explain The Product / Service You Offer

This is where you can go in depth about what you are selling and how your customers profit from it. If you can’t articulate how you’re going to help your clients, your business idea might not be significant.

Step 5: Make a Marketing Plan

This is where you can prepare the detailed sales and marketing plans that will include how you plan to sell your brand. You will need to have your market analysis fully fleshed out before you work on your marketing and sales plan, and choose your target buyer persona (i.e., your ideal customers).

Step 6: Make Your Financial Plan

If you are convincing investors, explain your financial model in detail, including your start-up costs, financial projections, and an application for funding.


A business plan helps you prove whether or not it is worth pursuing your business idea. For other business tips, click here for more information.

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