How to Become an Email Marketer

Becoming an email marketer entails passion and being ready to work hard. You should have a plan before starting the job. This article involves the key steps to follow and the necessary information to have when looking forward to being a pro in the email marketing career realm.

Nature of Job

Email marketing entails sending various commercial messages to a group of people or company clients via email. The primary objective of the job is ensuring that the target group receives advertisements, soliciting sales, and requesting business. The primary goal is creating awareness about the company you work for and increasing the sales market.

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Some companies have a current customer database or a lead list where you, as an email marketer, will take over in sending and modifying direct and transaction emails. As an email marketer, you will be responsible for developing a personalized strategy, reviewing messages, sending messages, including specific graphics, and creating various marketing campaigns to promote the company’s products.

The responsibilities vary with the company’s set policies, but these are some of the common job tasks you may face.

Average Pay Rates

In the United States, the average pay for an email marketer is approximately $50,528 yearly.

In the UK, the average salary is approximately £32,050 yearly.

In Canada, an email marketing salary averages around CA$52,000 yearly.

In Australia, the average salary is AU$59,000 yearly.

The average pay for this occupation in South Africa is R186,000 yearly.

Salaries vary in various countries and corporations with time, and an increase in experience and expertise may be grounds for an increase in your personal salary.


To be a qualified email marketer, you need to have several qualifications, including a high school diploma or (more preferably) a bachelor’s degree in PR, Communications, or another related field.

It is essential to identify the email design optimization process and the review of various approaches for testing email marketing strategies. The marketer needs to have many ideas on how to develop multiple testing email campaign strategies.

How to Become an Email Marketer

Visit various business conferences to gain connections with other professionals. Seek advice, and drop your resume off at multiple corporations you’d consider working with, even if they aren’t advertising open positions at the time.

Establish your goals. Take a minute, and think of all the goals and objectives you want to achieve as an email marketer.

Have a lead list to simplify the sending process. Ensure that you rebuild the list from scratch to meet the intended target group.

Select the campaign strategies and be unique.

There are various sites you can seek jobs through as an email marketer, including the ones below. Each site should allow you to filter your job search by company type, position level, and preferred location.

Indeed – Indeed has videos and lists of jobs offered by different corporations. It is one of the most widely used platforms for job searching in the modern world.

Upwork – Upwork is more geared towards freelance work, so this site would be beneficial if you intend to find contract work doing email marketing short-term for different companies throughout your freelancing career. It contains a list of various corporations offering email marketing jobs and the pay offered.

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a great site for networking, on top of the job search features it provides to users. It provides thousands of jobs offered from various parts of the world.

Government Sites & Programs

Luckily, there are also government sites in various countries that can help you gain access to work within the government or various other associations.

In the US, it would behoove you to visit and create a profile.

In the UK, you can visit the resources provided at

Visit in Canada.

Visit for jobs located in Australia.

For South Africa, visit the official government website at


Becoming an email marketer has become more straightforward with available advice and resources. Follow all the above tips to be on the safe side. Email marketing is becoming common in modern society, since it saves companies time and money. Good luck in your job search!

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