Job Description: Dog Breeder

So we live in a world where having a dog has become a norm. People live with dogs for different reasons, which include companionship and security. Dogs also provide physical, emotional, and social benefits that are rarely found elsewhere.

So there’s a need to purchase dogs, and that is where a dog breeder comes in. A dog breeder is a person who breeds dogs to gain financial rewards for the quality they produce. They usually have to take care of the young puppies and ensure that they go to loving homes.


Without wasting much of your time, let’s look at the dog breeding business in general. In this article, you’ll get the inside scoop on being a dog breeder. If you are an animal lover, keep reading to learn more about this career.

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How To Be A Great Dog Breeder

Dog breeding involves caring for dogs through feeding, exercising, and having an excellent medical record for them. A dog breeder puts both male and female dogs together when a female is in heat so that they can sell the subsequent puppies. Here is a short summary of the steps involved in starting a career as a dog breeder.


Know Your Dog

Please do your research about the breed that you wish to work with. These include the proper feeding, gestation period, and the medical background. Make sure you are aware of what you are working with because different breeds have different temperaments and characteristics. Ensure your dogs meet the breeding standard and enjoy your puppies before you sell them.

Create A Clean kennel

Dedicate a lot of time to researching places to breed your dogs and make them as safe as possible. Dogs need a lot of space to exercise and they love to stretch out. A healthy environment is a bonus for happy and healthy puppies. 

Consult Professional Veterinary Doctors

Visit the necessary hospitals to find out about the best veterinary doctors in your area. Your dogs should have regular checkups and an excellent medical record if you want to make money by breeding them. Additionally, you must be certain that you get all of your puppies vaccinated properly.


Get The Necessary Licenses

Make sure you know the state rules and regulations about dog breeding in your area and get the required documents to validate the business. There may be some forms you need to fill out to operate legally. As with every business, it’s crucial to be in compliance with the laws governing your industry.

How To Earn From Dog Breeding

These are our tips for making your dog breeding enterprise a successful one.

Market Your Business

This can be done through creating a website, attending dog events, and consulting your veterinary doctor for possible buyers. Be social and have a go-getter attitude while talking to people about your business. Also, social media could be a great tool for you. After all, who can resist cute puppies?

Talk To Other Breeders

Find out about dog trainers in your area and ask them about their target market. This will help you get referrals. Line up responsible buyers for the puppies before they are even birthed.

Be Reliable And Trustworthy

Be honest about the condition of your dogs. This could be medical, feeding habits, or even exercise requirements. Be disciplined and have a good reputation for your business. This will give you much more clients.

Expected Salary

Your earning potential is dependent on the quality of dogs you breed and the number of puppies it births a year. Ideally, you are selling the puppies for a decent amount. If a dog is well-fed, it can give birth every six months to 3-4 puppies. So, if you sell six puppies in a year at $2,500 each, it will earn you $15,000 a year. Keep in mind, this is just with one female dog.

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Bottom Line

Dog breeding requires a lot of patience, motivation, and passion. It also requires a lot of time, so do your research and plan appropriately. It is your job to breed healthy dogs and sell high quality and intelligent ones to new and loving dog owners. Breeding and selling dogs for friends and relatives is possible using the information above.

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