The Best Jobs For People Who Love Snow

The outside weather is cold in many places this time of year. Still, cold-weather or snow-related jobs can be advantageous, especially if you love winter. Working outside in a cold environment may require specialized clothing, equipment, or training (and probably some hot cocoa). These kinds of jobs will keep you excited all the time, especially if you love winter and snow!

The walls of an office aren’t for everyone. In truth, most would say that man wasn’t meant to be indoors all day, behind a desk, under the blinding glare of fluorescent lighting. For that reason, many are seeking professions that enable them to retreat outdoors and back into the world of movement.


And surprisingly enough, many of those professions are paying exceptionally well, if not better than the standard salary in an office. You may stay active and have a healthier mindset by working outside. The sun on your face and the fresh air in your lungs can do your body and psyche wonders. If you enjoy winter and snow, here are a few job and career ideas you can explore. 

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Forest Firefighters

Summer is over, so the forest fire danger is over too, right? Unfortunately not. Though less frequent, forest fires may still break out in the winter months. Forest firefighters probably take on the most dangerous job possible. Even if fires are less likely, there’s plenty of planning going into fighting the fires of the next summer season.

Forest firefighters make sure people burn the fallen branches instead of burning brush that can be used as wildlife habitat. By grouping dry branches in a constrained space, you can actually reduce fire hazards while providing materials for breeding and sheltering for wildlife. They also make sure people around the area don’t burn on dry, windy days.


Snow Park Builder

Park builders are accountable for designing, building, and maintaining a terrain park’s takeoffs, landings, and manmade features. Park features can include rails, halfpipes, boxes, jumps, wall rides, tires, barrels, quarter pipes, and many other objects creatively placed to let a skier or snowboarder safely ride over them.

Making these features enjoyable and safe can be hard work, with hand groomed takeoffs, holes having to be perfectly separated, smooth landings, and more. Learning about skiing or snowboarding park features from experienced park builders will benefit anyone looking for a ski industry job.

Ski Lift Operator

It is the responsibility of ski lift operators or attendants to ensure that guests have the best lift loading and unloading experience, whether in the resort or at an indoor center. Operators of indoor ski lifts may also work as members of the slope patrol team, monitor guest activity on the slope, and help maintain a safe environment.


The operational role of the ski lift operator often includes assisting guests with the use of a chairlift, gondola, button lift, or T-bar. It also includes greeting guests, answering questions, setting up and removing fencing around the lift, maintaining snow conditions at the entrance and exit to the lift, and adjusting and monitoring lift speeds.

Snow Sports Journalist / Writer

Ski journalism and social media experts can find a job in the ski industry easily. There is always a need to organize snowsports events, attend trade shows and other events, and market and promote snowsports, products, holidays, and experiences via various online and offline media. outlets These tend to be roles that require writing skills, experience, and various other qualifications, but positions in snow sports journalists, marketing, and events offer plenty of room for progress.



In this industry, the job description will clearly indicate what experience and skills you need. All you need for many of the jobs is a High School diploma or its equivalent. Some positions will require six months of experience, and more technical skills will require the appropriate levels of education and certification. Although these jobs are seasonal, you can train yourself to be an expert in these fields during summer months.

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