WeWork Careers – How To Apply For A Job

If you want to join a company that is changing the way people work, WeWork careers might be for you. WeWork is a commercial real estate firm based in America. It offers virtual workspaces for small businesses and freelancers or anyone who needs office space.

It was established in 2010 and has its main office in New York City. WeWork managed over 4 million square meters as of 2018 along with its partner We Company.  WeWork designs and builds collaborative physical and virtual environments and workplace facilities.

This concept of office space is quickly becoming the new norm rather than the exception. And that means the company is growing and so you might want to be part of it. We’re going to tell you more about WeWork careers up next.

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About WeWork

WeWork is at the forefront of the collaborative workplace industry. It has quickly become a driving force, proving that coworking is the new standard. The company has purchased tech companies such as the workplace sign-in program Welkio and physical data analytics firm Euclid in the last few years.

In January 2019, the company announced that it would rebrand to The We Business. Its valuation was reported at $47 billion.

The WeWork Business Model

At less than a decade old, WeWork is poised to continue rising, particularly after interest from global conglomerates. The company recently relaunched its app with new skill-based profiles to allow for better networking among members.


Flexibility is key to WeWork’s business model, especially when customers no longer have to think about long-term leases. The company provides four membership levels: hot tables, dedicated tables, private offices, and custom build-outs.

WeWork rents buildings at one price from property owners and then rent them out at higher rates for clients. Not all WeWork sites are equally priced, for example, picking up real estate in Baltimore or Nashville is cheaper than in New York City.

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Careers at WeWork and how to apply

WeWork has developed into a global community in just eight years. It has turned the conventional idea of workplaces into beautiful, inspiring environments.

The dedication to improving the world’s best workplaces applies to its own workers. The mission that guides WeWork is – achieve the work of your life.

With a real estate portfolio spanning over 14 million square feet, WeWork has more than 220,000 members and 234 (and counting) locations. If interested, this is how you can go about applying for a job here.

Go over their website

WeWork has segregated the job listings according to the fields of expertise and different locations across the globe.

Check out the job description and/or job roles and responsibilities

You can choose which role would suit you the best from many of their listed jobs. If your skill set matches that of the listed job role, click on Apply Now to go further.

Upload your resume 

You will then be redirected to another link where you will be asked to describe your skills in brief. Additionally, you will be prompted to upload your resume here.

Fill in your personal details

You will then be redirected to another link, which would ask you to save your personal details. You can sign up for an account on the WeWork website so they can learn more about you. You will be asked for your contact details in this section.

Wait to be contacted

After you have diligently followed the above process, it’s now time to wait to hear from them. Use this time to research and read up on the company. This will help you have the right things to say if you land an interview with WeWork.

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