Voice Over Jobs – How to Apply?

Voice over jobs have become one of the most exciting careers in show business and come with a huge range of options for work. From radio ads to explainer videos, voice over opportunities are everywhere. That means you can make good money utilizing your voice. Sounds fantastic, right?

But do you know how to apply for voice over jobs? The truth is that it is challenging labor and must be treated with the same amount of seriousness as you would any other career. Here is our guide to help you in the game.


What Are Voice Over Jobs?

We’ve all heard a voice over at one time. Voice over jobs are jobs that entail the art of providing a voice in order to pass information to an audience or represent a character. The person providing the voice is referred to as a voice actor or voice artist. Voice artists have several different names, depending on their area of expertise. Voice overs are often used to provide a speaking audio segment over a video or radio medium, while you can’t see the person who is speaking. Voice overs are often used for many commercials and advertisements.

The Nature of Voice Over Jobs

It is worth noting that the voice actor is only heard – not seen. As such, the range of voices required is vast. The techniques and skills required vary greatly. For example, the techniques and skills you will need for narrating an audiobook are different from those required to advertise a product.

Long-term and short-term projects are both possible at work. A voice over for a movie or soap opera may take several months to produce, but a 15-second commercial may take minutes to produce.


You need to have a voice and personality that’s suited to this kind of job. And as a voice over actor, you can become your own boss, working from home comfortably in the hours that suit you, so long as you can provide the necessary technology and equipment for the job.

Voice over jobs sometimes allow you to work from home.
Voice Over Job

Voice Over Job Rates

Just like any other media job, voice over jobs can be lucrative, and there is also the opportunity to work remotely and independently. If you are a good voice over artist, you can earn a substantial regular income. There’s no question about it; good actors are always in demand, and that is true more than ever before. And with a regular client, you can earn an ongoing income. You can expect to earn anywhere from 20 bucks to several hundred dollars per hour, although some voice over gigs are paid per job.

Voice Over Job Eligibility

Professional voice-over artists do not necessarily require experience from an acting school or vocal school. It is, however, important that if you wish to pursue this line of work, you have some voice training that you can point to in an interview or put on your resume. Even so, a college degree in acting may be a plus for those who wish to foray into this field.


It calls for a high level of attention to detail and vocal versatility. Your primary responsibility is to, more often than not, read a script loudly, clearly, and in accordance with the project manager’s artistic vision. That means you must have a very great voice and be able to read and speak flawlessly. In other terms, you must be capable of communicating the message in the script with the right tone and attitude. As a result, this helps to make what you say not only entertaining, but also believable.

How to Apply for Voice Over Jobs

In addition to obtaining voice-over employment through an agent (whom you will have to pay a percentage of your commission), you can apply for some freelance/remote voice over jobs through online platforms that connect eligible candidates with clients. You may be required to fill out an application form and attach demos or a resume with experience.

Some of the job boards you can visit online include Voices, Fiverr, Upwork, and more. Note that some websites will require fees, while others don’t.

Being able to make money with your own voice can be amusing, thrilling, and terrifying simultaneously. It also takes time, resources, money, hard work, and a great deal of faith. If you think you could succeed in this media field, get started searching for a voice over acting job today!

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