How to Become an Online Full-Stack Developer

Programmers that are skilled in both front-end and back-end coding are described as full-stack developers.

The primary responsibilities of full-stack developers are designing user interactions, developing servers for websites, as well as developing databases for website functionalities. The full-stack developer also develops codes for mobile platforms.


How to Become an Online Full-Stack Developer 1

Nature of Job

The nature of a full-stack developer’s job includes many duties. Among them, you should be able to ensure the site and other online functions run smoothly.

As we have seen in the introduction, the job includes being able to do front-end and back-end coding, but there is much more to this complex job.


A full-stack developer must be ready for:

  • Designing user interactions on the web pages.
  • Creating functionality for servers and databases.
  • Working with graphic designers for web design features.
  • Meeting both technical and consumer needs.
  • Developing and designing APIs.
  • Developing website architecture.
  • Ensuring optimization across all platforms, including mobiles.
  • Ensuring that all applications are responsive.


For you to be eligible for a full-stack developer position, there are some areas of expertise that you should be able to tick off your list.

Other than just having that college degree, there is a lot more that’s required of you.


To become a full-stack developer, you should be competent in the following areas:

  • Have at least a degree in Computer Science. University-level material is needed to be a full-stack developer.
  • Have exceptional problem-solving skills. Your job is primarily about solving problems and making people’s lives easier.
  • Always pay attention to detail.
  • You should be familiar with JavaScript frameworks.
  • You should also be able to understand server-side languages.
  • Have excellent verbal skills.
  • Have a vast knowledge of database technology.

While these are just some of the requirements needed to be considered for a job as a full-stack developer, there is more to the job that you will begin to understand once you start working.

How to Find Online Full-Stack Developer Jobs

Getting a job as a full-stack developer isn’t as easy as it sounds. Many people have been in the market for one and have probably been burned in the process.

That means that most employers are quite observant on who they want to hire. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t work as a full-stack developer.

For starters, you can check out websites like Totaljobs, GitHub’s Careers page, Upwork, Gigster’s Careers page, Scalable Path’s Jobs page,, Freelancer, and X-Team, among others.

Among other sites, you can find these vacancies. The list is quite long, and you should be on multiple platforms for you to stand a chance of being noticed.

How Much to Expect from the Gig

Generally, full-stack developers are entirely on-demand in today’s market. Other than hiring different personnel for different tech roles, a full-stack developer covers all bases.

The other reason why full-stack developers are marketable is that there aren’t many in the market just yet.

Gladwell’s 10,000-Hour Rule says that it will take you approximately ten years or more to be a full-stack developer (or a master in any field for that matter).

An entry-level developer should earn approximately $100,000 per year on average in most markets.

Within the regional market, however, a full-stack developer is said to be earning $110,000 per year. Naturally, all of that depends on the skills you can excellently offer.


Becoming a full-stack developer, without a doubt, takes time and effort, and also charges you with a lot of obligations.

A lot of skills are entailed in becoming a full-stack developer. It just doesn’t happen overnight.

If you’re starting your journey today, it will take you close to 10 years to master all the skills needed to be a full-stack developer, but with determination and a little experience, you can probably find your way into an entry-level position that will help you launch your career!

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