Musician: Starting a Career

Are you passionate about singing or entertaining? Becoming a musician might be a possible career choice for you. Do you have a knack for entertaining people and want to make a living out of that profession?

Well, do not sit and expect it to just happen to you. In entertainment, nothing comes easy in terms of career advancements.

You must get up and pursue your ideal profession. If you’re seeking advice on how to jumpstart your career as a musician, here are a few tips to get you started.

Starting a Career as a Musician

What Are Your Goals?

Does this sound like a cliché? Well, you will be surprised that most people who are at the beginning of their career have no idea what goals they would like to achieve. Start with short-term goals; have you ever sung at all? If not, you could always start singing in that band in your neighborhood. Have you chosen a label? Do you understand or have the required paperwork? Work on that before going any further.

After this, figure out what you want to do next. Have you started your own music label or are you joining one? If you are starting your own, have you signed any artists? What are your plans for the next twelve months? Figure it out and break it down; ensure you follow through on your career goals to the dot.

Get Out and Network

As a musician, you cannot work behind closed doors. In this industry, it’s all about who knows who. Networking is the best method to do this. Of course, people who are going to hold your hand will not come knocking at the door. You have to get out there and make connections with others who will help you along the way.

Expect wins and failures. You will get lots of “no’s”, but get prepared for it, and let this not discourage you. Failure is preferable to never trying at all, right? Also, don’t be limited by where you stay. You can get career assistance from anyone. Start small, but start anyway. Call that DJ you met in a club, reach out to any TV presenter and ask for an interview, get to that recording studio, and see how things are done.

Create an Online Platform

With no doubt, social media has played a significant role in the music industry today. As a pro tip, you do not have to be everywhere; find a platform that works best for you. Is it YouTube? If so, stick to that, and ensure you are consistent with your content. And oh, it had better be educative and appealing to your target audience.

Alternatively, if you are going into music for business purposes, social media might not necessarily help you get clients, but instead, you should join other business communities. A single Facebook post can change your life forever. If you like, you can create your own business website. Why not?

Team Work Wins

In the music industry, you absolutely cannot handle everything on your own. Handle only what you are good at and learn how to delegate. Even these established musicians we admire never handle everything on their own. Finding a team that will help you should never be expensive. Do you want to have a show somewhere? There is somebody out there who desires to give booking shows a try, and if they are young and desire experience, they’ll likely help you for free! Give them a chance.

Find the right PR, label manager, stage manager, costume designer, and event manager who will help you get to the next level. You need help in your career; otherwise, you will get worn out and might not accomplish much alone.


There is a lot of motivation, passion, and work that goes into a career as a musician. Do you desire to entertain and want the joy of spreading your music or others’ music? If so, what’s stopping you? Follow these tips and get started today!

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