Voice Actor: How to Start a Career

A voice actor provides the voice for animated films and TV shows, narrates documentaries, and executes voice-overs for TV and radio commercials. If you love to act and have a unique voice, it could be the right career for you!

Being a voice actor requires honing your skills and letting your voice be heard through a lot of auditions. Because it is a very competitive industry, it’s not for the weak of heart. But, you’ll be well on your way to starting this career with perseverance, hard work, and know-how.


Due to the increased need for broadcast, animated, and digital content, the voice actor market continues to grow. There is a wide range of opportunities for talented voice actors, from e-learning courses to smartphone games to online ads.

Voice Actor
A voice actor has a wide range of options for a career. Photo credits to: http://www.cobaltaudio.com/recording-backing-vocals/.

Types of Careers as a Voice Actor

There are several industries where voice actors can work. That’s what makes voice acting so exciting within the entertainment/media industry. Professionals in each sector must have a view over style.

Here are some careers a voice actor can explore.


Narration Voice Actor

Most professionals work in narration; it accounts for most of their income. Actually, narration accounts for 92 percent of the work of the voice-over artist. This work usually involves making audiobooks.

Character or Animation

For many voice actors, character and animation work is fun. To make toys talk or cartoons come alive, they have to speak like a child. Character and animation voice-over artists for children’s books, videos, and video games often work as narrators.

Online Voice Actors

Business owners are now looking for a voice to explain what they are selling and how to use their websites. For website tours, banner ads, and internet tutorials, individuals in this profession produce videos.


Average Pay as a Voice Actor

According to Payscale, a voice actress or actor has an average salary of $150 per hour. A voice actor or actress’s average salary is $40,000 per year.

Where to Apply to Jobs as a Voice Actor

Understand the marketplace on voice acting. Historically, those in this career often have worked with agents who worked with casting managers employed by advertising agencies.

Now, talent-seekers and manufacturers often operate with voice actors directly. This has brought the market more competition, making it difficult to find quality professionals.

If you had the proper training and portfolio, you could apply with these websites, as well.

  • UpworkUpwork is a freelancer job search and posting platform where you can easily apply for jobs.
  • CareerBuilderCareerBuilder is a great “find a job” website with features perfect for job seekers.
  • Seek – With Seek, you can create your own job-seeking profile.

How to Apply to Jobs as a Voice Actor

Follow the following steps to apply for a job in this career.

Step 1: Create a reel of the demo. This is the way a worker showcases their talents when searching for work. Your demo reel may consist of original work or imitations of already existing characters and scripts. Having a quality demo reel that represents you and displays your range and skill set is essential.

Step 2: Build a resume. To get work, you often need work, which can be challenging when you start. Try to gain any experience that you might have to build a resume. You can also take acting classes, attend workshops, and create a YouTube channel featuring your original content.

Step 3: Find a Talent. Like any other acting career, this career will be helped by being represented by an agent. Your agent will notify you in the area of casting calls and help you match the right jobs.

After these steps, you can now send out your resume and reels.


You may have tons of natural talent, but training will distinguish you from hobbyists, introduce you to crucial terminology and best practices, and help deliver the quality you expect from your clients.

Start a voice-acting career right away! If you are looking for more jobs in acting, click here for more information.

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