Top Five Apps to Find Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are fast becoming the most popular online jobs in the world. It is incredibly simple to do and very quick to finish thus you get to work and earn more. While it may be a very easy job, there is also a lot of competition.

This is why you need to learn the top five apps for data entry jobs so you gain an advantage over your competition. Learning more about data entry, its benefits, and how you can earn a decent income with these apps will help you land data entry jobs much faster.

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If you would like to discover more about data entry jobs and which apps help you find data entry jobs, check out the article below.

What are Data Entry Jobs?

Data entry jobs are typically online work that involves entering and processing different kinds of data using your computer or mobile phone.

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These kinds of jobs are usually found in industries like finance, marketing, healthcare, education, and many more.


A lot of freelance data entry jobs today are done online thus you can work from home and have flexible hours for work.

Many of these jobs require you to have skills in typing, accuracy, computer literacy, and great attention to detail.

How and Where to Gain Experience in Data Entry Jobs

When it comes to data entry jobs, experience can play a huge role in deciding your salary and benefits. Having a good amount of experience in data entry is key to landing a good-paying job.


You can either pursue education or enroll in online courses regarding data entry jobs to learn more about the core values and skills. You can also complete an internship program in many companies that offer these jobs.

Lastly, you can also check out courses that will help you master the fundamentals of data entry. Just make sure that they give out certificates after completing the course so you can show them to your potential client.

The Benefits of Working Data Entry Jobs

Numerous factors contribute to people’s tendency to look for data entry jobs.

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Most data entry jobs do not require a lot of skills but they still need you to be very efficient and diligent at work.

Here are some more advantages of working in data entry jobs.

Flexible Schedule

A lot of people are tired of working a specific and rigorous schedule. Many office jobs tend to burn out their employees simply because of the hectic schedule.

This includes commuting to and from work which can add to the already stressful work.

With data entry jobs, you have a very flexible schedule and you can choose when you want to work so you can always pursue other interests in your life.

Good Salary

Data entry jobs usually offer a decent salary with the chances of getting a higher offer when you have a substantial amount of experience.

The jobs pay well enough that you get to earn a good living.

While it may still depend on the client, you can work for many hours a day at any time that you want and still get paid more than many other jobs.

Working Remotely

One of the most beneficial things about working in data entry jobs is the convenience of working remotely.

You can either work from home or go on a vacation and work in your free time.

Working remotely helps you become more productive while also allowing you to save money on transportation and food.

Top Five Apps to Find Data Entry Jobs

While many data entry jobs can be found online through websites, there are also other options to find them online.

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There are apps to find data entry jobs.

Check out the list below.


Fiverr is an online marketplace for those who are looking for data entry jobs and many other online jobs.

The app lets you sign up for an account and use the account to search for data entry jobs that you might find interesting. Payment is done through the app after you have completed your work.

You can find a wide array of data entry jobs through the app and all you need to do is sign up and send an application for you to get hired.


Zeemo offers the best way for you to work on data entry jobs. All you need to do is to add accurate captions to videos and start earning money.

There are also other languages that you can work on if you’re proficient with them.

You can also apply for dynamic caption generation jobs, video editing, adding subtitles, and many more.


Clickworker lets you earn money with just the use of your smartphone or other mobile devices.

You can immediately find data entry jobs with the app and if you have difficulty landing one, there is always a community of users that are willing to help.

There is a long list of data entry jobs that are available on the app such as online research, surveys, categorizing data, writing and proofreading texts, and a lot more.


Upwork is a great online platform to find the best data entry jobs. These data entry jobs offer a salary ranging from $16 to $18 per hour.

There are also a wide variety of data entry jobs that you can search for using the app’s very robust search function.


Toloka is a great example of an app where you can find different data entry jobs and help you earn money.

There is no special knowledge required for you to apply with the app and all you need is your mobile phone and stable internet connection.

With the Toloka app, all you need to do is to complete several tasks and you get paid for it.

How to Be Better at Data Entry Jobs

While data entry jobs do not normally have the most challenging workload, it does not mean that you cannot learn from it or be a master at doing the job.

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There are still some qualifications for you to excel at data entry jobs.

Improve Your Typing Skills

One of the most basic requirements in data entry jobs is to have good typing skills and accuracy. You will be entering data most of the time and this means typing on the keyboard.

Having the skill, speed, and accuracy of your typing can drastically improve how you work.

This means you get to enter data at a faster and more accurate rate than others.

Computer and Mobile Phone Skills

Since you’re mostly going to work on your computer, laptop, or your phone, you will need to develop good computer and mobile phone skills.

Get to know your devices better and enroll in free online tutorials when it comes to data entry.

You will also need to learn how to use Microsoft Excel and Word as well as many other websites that you will normally use at work.


Data entry jobs are a remarkable way to earn an income from home. You don’t ever need to commute to work and be stressed out before even starting your work. If you’re looking for apps to find data entry jobs, be sure to check out the recommendations above.

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