Online Data Entry Jobs – How To Apply?

There are so many online job opportunities for people out there who want to have an extra income. There are online data entry jobs that are available where you can easily apply and generate a good amount of income while you work at home.

Online data entry jobs are online jobs that involve entering and processing data into digital formats depending on the tasks given to you by the client. Many online data entry employees perform different tasks such as transcribing audio and video files, updating data by creating spreadsheets, and other tasks as simple as filling out online forms.


With so many online data entry jobs to choose from, here are some of them that you might be interested in. Learn more about them below alongside how to apply and how to improve your chances of landing the job with the article below.

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Data Entry Jobs You Might Be Interested In

There are a lot of online data entry jobs that you can apply.

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These roles have different roles and responsibilities depending on the job description.


Here are some of them.

Data Entry Clerk

One of the most typical online entry-level positions is a data entry clerk. The role entails inputting information whether it is numeric or alphabet from one format to another.

Many of your responsibilities will also involve processing the data so that your client can better read them and manage the information better.


Data entry clerks usually earn around $28 per hour depending on the workload.


Another common online data entry job is a transcriptionist. This involves inputting audio into written text.

Many of the jobs include transcribing audio from television and movies into closed captions or subtitles.

Most transcriptionists earn around $25 per hour.

Data Entry Skills You Need to Apply

Data entry involves a lot of input data. As a result, you will require a lot of skills and knowledge to become effective at the job.

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Depending on the kind of online data entry job that you’re applying for, there are certain skills that you need to develop before you apply.

Here are some of the common skills that you’ll need.

Typing Skills

One of the most fundamental abilities you need to learn before you can apply for any online data entry job is to have great typing skills.

While there is no standard for the typing skill, you will need to have at least the basic typing skill. This also includes typing accuracy and speed.

Attention to Detail

Another skill that you need to learn and develop before you apply for any data entry job is attention to detail.

You should always be observant of any changes to the trends with the data that you are working with.

This will help you become more effective at data entry.

Organizational and Management Skills

Since you’ll be dealing with a lot of data, you will need tremendous amounts of organizational and management skills to be effective with your work.

This will help you organize the data you’re working with much better.

You will also need good time management skills to adhere to your schedule.

How to Apply for Data Entry Jobs

Learning how to apply for online data entry jobs will help improve your chances of getting the job.

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It also lets you apply for legitimate online data entry jobs.


The first thing you should do to apply for online data entry jobs is to research.

Research several legitimate sites that will allow you to apply for these kinds of jobs.

To comprehend your role and responsibilities, you must read the job description.

Choose the Best Websites

There are a lot of legitimate online marketplaces that advertise online data entry jobs.

You can check out Upwork, Fiverr, and many other websites.

You can send your application online and be prepared for an interview.

How to Gain Data Entry Experience

There are a lot of online data entry jobs that do not require previous work experience but if you do want to have a better income, you might want to gain experience first before applying.

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Here are some steps on how you can gain data entry experience.

Take an Online Data Entry Course

The most effective method of learning more about data entry is to enroll in an online course. There are a lot of online courses out there that you can take advantage of.

Just be careful with some of them that advertise these courses for free but you end up paying for it.

These online courses usually give out certificates after completion in order to include them in your resume.

Study For It

Another way to gain data entry experience is to study for it. You can enroll at your local college or university that offers data entry courses or similar programs.

You can then apply as an intern in many different offices to gain even more experience.

By then, you should have enough experience to apply for online data entry jobs on your own.

Choose a Job That Offers Training

If you lack sufficient experience, there are a lot of data entry jobs that offer free training to their applicants.

Make sure that you ace the training so you are more likely to be absorbed by the company.

You can also negotiate with the company to have you paid while you’re still in training.

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting Data Entry Jobs

If you find yourself constantly rejected for data entry jobs, there are certain ways for you to determine and improve your chances.

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You will need to have several skills to be effective at the job and these skills are highly important.

Here are some ways for you to get online data entry jobs as quickly as possible.’

Have Better Typing Accuracy

Most online data entry jobs require you to pass a certain typing test. If this type of work is still new to you, it can be very challenging especially if you are not known to be a fast typer.

Typing fast can get you to places but the accuracy of your typing skill is what matters. Become a better typist and improve it even further by practicing your accuracy.

This will help you gain more chances of getting the job.

Expand Your Skills

While online data entry jobs might be repetitive for some, there are still skills that you can expand on if you want to land more jobs in the future.

Invest some time in learning new computer and programming skills. This will help you open up more opportunities as well as better pay.

Improve Your Communication Skills

A lot of people tend to fail at getting the job during the interview portion of the application.

Practice the interview with a friend or in a mirror.

Improve how you communicate and how you convey your ideas so you can be precise with your answers without dragging them too long with so many sentences in your answer.


Data entry jobs online are a terrific way to earn a side income or it can even be your main income especially if you are working from home. There are risks and challenges involved with data entry jobs so it is best that you do your research and apply at platforms and job portals that are legitimate. You can avoid problems later on and you get to enjoy working at online data entry jobs with the benefits that you get.

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