Menulog Jobs – 1 Way to Make Extra Money as a Delivery Driver

Imagine a career where you can get paid for doing exercise; with Menulog jobs, you can make that dream a reality. Or what about one where customers will be able to see you on arrival? How about being your own boss and making deliveries to hungry people cruising around in your car?

In Australia, when you’re a food delivery driver, there are plenty of perks but also a few aspects of the work you need to learn about. When choosing how to earn your income, you need to be careful because a side gig can’t take up too much study time. You need to bring in the money you need for daily living.

The industry is booming, as several industries are now preferring this way of eating at home several days a week instead of cooking, where people used to buy takeaway or home delivery food as a treat once a week or fortnight.

Menulog Jobs - 1 Way to Make Extra Money as a Delivery Driver 1
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Overview of the Industry

Some of the companies take a massive cut from each sale. Still, cafes, restaurants, and other food suppliers can’t afford to be on board, or else they’ll miss the visibility the platforms offer.

As of 2019, the Australian food supply industry is expected to be worth about $2.6 billion annually, with consumers spending on imported food an average of $1,590 a year. The annual cost per customer in Sydney is $1,958, and people there order food 4.2 times a month. It’s 3.4 times a month in Brisbane, and in Melbourne, less – 3.2 times a month.

All of this means a massive number of burgers, pancakes, sushi, fried chicken, and pizza rolling around the streets of Australia!

More than three-quarters of fast-food couriers in Australia are paid less than the minimum wage, according to the TWU (Transport Workers Union). It says bicycle couriers earn an hourly reward rate of $24.41.

When deciding whether to become a fast-food delivery driver or not, you need to weigh up all the pros and cons to figure out whether it will be profitable enough for you and suit your lifestyle.

Menulog Service

The online food delivery service Menulog connects you around the country to thousands of local restaurants! Forget the trouble of yourself preparing and let someone else make the food and bring it straight to your house.

You only need to sign on to the app or website and put in an order. It will send you a text verifying when your delivery/pick-up time is, and you will get a delicious, stress-free meal soon enough.

This kind of service is extremely convenient for customers, making it full of high-demand jobs you can apply to. Menulog jobs in delivery driver work are great for those looking for a profitable side gig.

How to Get Work with Menulog Jobs

Menulog Jobs - 1 Way to Make Extra Money as a Delivery Driver 2

For working Menulog jobs, you will receive a delivery fee based on travel time and distance. Your car must be a model of 1990 or newer, fully registered and licensed with CTP, and you must be at least 18 years old and possess a valid license.

You must have a thermal bag of commercial quality, or you can buy one from Menulog. You retain all the money you earn from Menulog, as the company is not getting a cut on your payments.

Menulog is Australia’s widest-reaching online food delivery service, with the most extensive range of restaurants and styles of cuisine on sale. With over 14,300 local restaurants, Menulog connects more than 3 million active customers via and mobile apps.

Menulog provides more than 70 different cuisines that can be delivered across its network of restaurant partners to more than 92 percent of Australian addresses.

To earn extra revenue with Menulog jobs, sign up to become a courier on Menulog’s network today. Fully versatile, you can travel in your car, in your own clothes, with the freedom to set your own hours depending on your schedule and lifestyle.


You must be over the age of 18 to obtain any one of many Menulog jobs, have the right to work in Australia, have access to an insured and registered roadworthy vehicle, scooter, or motorbike, have a valid driver’s license, have an Android (at least 4.2) or iPhone (at least 4S) with a data plan, and have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN).

You will have to own a commercial-grade, thermal food catering bag to work delivery Menulog jobs.

If you’re looking for decent pay and to make money off of having a driver’s license and your own vehicle, working at Menulog may be the right fit for you. Click here for more delivery service jobs.

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