How to Start a Drop Shipping Business

Beginning each business is a hard task that requires planning and allocating resources, especially when you’re navigating the world of drop shipping. This article serves as a guideline for the necessary steps involved in starting a drop shipping business.

How to Start a Drop Shipping Business 1

The Popularity of the Drop Shipping Business

Drop shipping has become popular in modern society, precisely with the millennial and Gen-Z generations. Internet marketing skills have contributed to this expansion. With limited funds, you can begin a drop shipping business.

You, as the business owner, must be ready to handle various tax, licensing, and insurance requirements. If you start a drop shipping business with other employees to help, you must be prepared to pay them and have beneficial management depending on the business operation. Drop shipping is a useful line of work, since it does not entail payment upfront for large scale products.

Average Pay Rates

These salaries will vary widely based on how big of a role you play in the ownership and running of the business. They will also vary based on how big and successful the business becomes. Remember that when launching a business, you may have to wait a couple of years before yielding a profit.

The average drop shipping salary in the US is approximately $43,627 yearly.

In the UK, the average drop shipping salary is around £21, 988 per year.

In Canada, the average drop shipping business earns CA$30,865.

In Australia, a drop shipping owner makes approximately $75,790 yearly.

In South Africa, the average pay for a drop shipping agent is approximately R168,000 per year.

Basic Requirements for Starting a Drop Shipping Business

Just like with other jobs, drop shipping requires capital and a business plan to promote organization and budgeting. There are various steps included in starting a drop shipping business, but you don’t necessarily need to have a college degree or advanced education. Many individuals enter this line of work with a sense of Internet- or tech-savvy and build their successes from there.

How to Select a Niche and Start the Business

Understand what you are most interested in within the drop shipping business. This step entails selecting the best area of investment. When choosing your niche, ensure that you choose attractive profits, low shipping costs, and a product that appeals to your buyers with disposable incomes. Advertise your product to attract more people.

Research the Competition

Ensure that you find out if there exists stiff competition in the market. The game should not be a barrier, since you should make close connections with the customers to understand their needs and expectations.

Secure a Supplier

Ensure you have continuous delivery to the customers to gain their trust.

Seek Advice

Connect with prominent people in this sector to understand and gain new skills to run the business.

There are various set sites where you can get a job as a drop shipping agent or even connect with individuals who may want to go into business with you.

Indeed – Indeed is a company with a list of thousands of job opportunities from multiple parts of the globe.

Monster – Monster is another site that has provided job search options to Internet users for many years.

Glassdoor – Glassdoor is a job-searching website that lets you compare companies and jobs in different locations.

Government Sites & Programs

Working in the realm of drop shipping is also doable for those looking for work related to the government. Governments also provide resources to job seekers.

In the US, visit

Visit in the United Kingdom.

Canadians can visit

Head to for Australia.

For South Africa, visit


The stress of starting your own drop shipping business can be minimized by utilizing the above steps and advice. These tips are the vital secrets to a successful drop shipping business.

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