Starting a Career as a Sports Coach

As a sports coach, you will train and mentor athletes. You can either choose to coach individuals like tennis players, boxers, or gymnasts, or you could work with other groups of people such as netballers, rugby teams, or footballers.

This can be such a rewarding and fun career if you are a sports fanatic and possess the motivation and positive energy to encourage a group of players.


From working with professionals to working with children, becoming a sports coach goes beyond the love for money. It takes passion. Do you already know the level at which you would like to coach? Here are some tips to get you going. Read on to learn more.

Starting a Career as a Sports Coach

Qualifications and Duties of a Sports Coach

First things first: do you have the necessary qualifications? Well, if you haven’t, subjects such as sports science could be a perfect course to begin with. Check with different university requirements to confirm if you qualify. Other vocational courses are accepted, but you need to also check with different institutions to confirm which ones are available.


Contact the League’s Administration. Whether you want to coach groups or individuals, you must be vetted by an administrator before you start. You must be willing to go through some background checks, and additionally perform interviews regarding your interests and qualifications. Necessary skills that will help you pass the certification of becoming a coach include the following.

  • Being patient with your students.
  • Having some sports knowledge and knowledge of rules.
  • Being physically fit, able, and motivated.

Become a Volunteer

Well, whereas this might not sound exciting, it’s always better to start as a volunteer before you get into the real thing. This will help you get first-hand information about what to expect as a coach. If you want to coach kids, offer to volunteer in school sports clubs. You will be surprised at how many schools are willing to take on coaches as volunteers.


Just like it is in the job market today, it is all about who you know. Reach out to people, call them, send those emails, introduce yourself at any given opportunity, and be social. People tend to hire employees they have seen and interacted with over someone they have never seen. Ensure you present yourself professionally.


Whatever the case, do not come off as obnoxious. Join sports organizations and make a point to attend all their functions. While there, show your expertise and socialize with people.

You might also gather courage and approach people you look up to. Tell them how much you admire them and have been following their work over time. Applaud them for the job well done and if possible, point out areas wherein they have excelled at their work. Who knows? They might even express a need or desire to collaborate with you.

Have Lunch/Dinner Meetings

Gather groups and meet over a barbeque or a cup of coffee. Invite people and other players to join you for lunch, and ensure you only discuss sports-related topics. In the long run, this will benefit both parties. It is a fantastic method of networking and meeting like-minded people.


If you enjoy playing sports and believe you have what it takes to be a determined, inspiring, and likable leader, then being a sports coach might just be your calling. As a pro tip, have business cards that you can give out to people whenever a chance presents itself. The most effective method of getting out there is to spend time around teams and players and show your true interest. We wish you success as you begin a career as a sports coach!

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