How to Make Money as a Business Coach

It is not easy taking the first step as a business coach. If you have, I must commend you for taking that huge plunge.

Coaching others in their business endeavors is hard work; not only does it take time, but you must have the desire to see people succeed. You must be able to help and mentor people to achieve their fullest potential.


If you wish to work as a coach professionally, it’s one of the wisest choices you’ll ever make. This is because it is such a fulfilling career and gives one a sense of purpose. Breaking into the market is not easy; it takes time, money, and patience. Having said that, here are a few tips to help you make money as you pursue your coaching career.

business coach

Create a Niche

Think about your area of expertise; in this case, business coaching, think of a specific niche and zero down to that to create a reputation that people will like. Creating a niche helps you target a particular population seeking out services only you can offer.


Have you helped people before to succeed in their business? Have you succeeded in your business? You might have to bring those tips to the market; this will help you generate revenue over time.

Create a Digital Footprint

Technology interfaces are one of the efficient ways you can get potential clients to reach out to you. Create a professional website with relevant content to attract potential clients. Also, be sure that you are engaged on social media, answer questions, and post inspirational quotes.

Potential clients will always follow your digital content. Also think of dabbling in a YouTube channel, Facebook page, e-books, writing articles, videos, and freely giving tips that will benefit people. All things considered, let people know other ways you can help them thrive in their businesses.


Network Marketing

Do you have networks you have built over the years? Make use of them. These are people who can potentially vouch for you and recommend you to other people. Make sure to give them all the information needed to make a sound decision.

Remember also to offer a sneak peek of what you have in store for people through free, short sessions. It can even be as small as a recorded video. This, in a way, becomes a marketing strategy that can bring you potential clients in the long run.

Give Complementary Services

Based on the skills and experiences you have acquired over time, create content that will help your clients make it in their businesses. Consider writing an e-book, blog, or write a book and publish it on Amazon. This will not only attract new clients, but it can be a source of inspiration for other upcoming coaches, as well. You will never know how much your videos and books impact people out there.

Establish Long-Lasting Relationships

As a rule of thumb, always have an open mind when entering into the career of a business coach, and build lasting relationships. Diversify and offer other services such as coaching workshops, mentor classes, team building, and corporate houses. This, of course, has to come after you already have your business and are looking for ways to bring in that extra income.


There you have it folks; these are some of the few tips to help you get started and generate more income in the business coaching industry. All said and done, be sure to deliver according to your client’s expectations. What you definitely don’t want is to give your clients half-baked content. This will keep them hooked on you and keep them referring you to other clients.

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