Volunteer Jobs: 4 Companies That Offer Pay

Have you thought about being a volunteer? Did you know that some volunteer jobs are actually paid under certain circumstances? Being a volunteer is a charitable activity where an individual or group offers services “to benefit another person, group, or organization” for no financial or societal benefit.

Volunteering is known for the growth of skills that aim to promote goodness or to improve the quality of life of people. Being a volunteer in any charitable organization is not just a noble work; it is also a way to help others.


Having a volunteer job does not pay a lot. However, the company you volunteered for can spend your expenses. Reimbursement of your services as a paid volunteer overseas can cover a complete range of related costs such as accommodation, meals, financial payment, and flight stipends.

Volunteer Jobs: 4 Companies That Offer Pay 1
Apply as a volunteer and help other communities get better. Photo credits to: https://gvi.org/get-involved/become-a-scholar/.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

A worldwide movement known as WWOOF connects volunteers with organic farmers and farmers to encourage trust-based and non-monetary-based cultural and educational experiences. The WWOOF thereby helps to create a sustainable global society.

You will live alongside your host as a volunteer (or WWOOFer as we call them) to help with daily assignments and experience life as a farmer.


For a bit more flexibility and the strength of choice, WWOOF-ing may be a better option. WWOOF enables you to select your organic farm, length of stay, and type of volunteer job through the individual website of each country. Even though you won’t be paid to volunteer on a monetary basis, free room and board will compensate you.

Sudan Volunteer Programme (SVP)

They are paying volunteers in the Sudan Volunteer Program (SVP). They aim to work together to assist Sudanese to enhance their English abilities to create better job possibilities for people and groups. In addition to accommodation, respondents earn a stipend throughout the job for their learning services and support.

The Sudan Volunteer Program (SVP) is a charitable organization based in London and Khartoum. The organization sends graduates and near-graduates to Sudan to teach English at government institutions of higher education across the nation.


To volunteer, this is what the SVP offers:

  • No application or administration fees – you shouldn’t have to pay to volunteer!
  • Accommodation and a stipend equivalent to the local salary for a teaching assistant.
  • Support and guidance throughout your teaching placement.

United Nations Volunteer

The prominence of the UN’s volunteer program reflects its participant requirements. However, those who fit the bill will find some of the top-notch paid volunteer jobs in the world that have more significance than the typical line item on a resume. Every year, more than 2,000 assignments are available to carry out the mission of the United Nations to promote peace and development.

The Talent Pool profiles with the tasks that UN partner organizations are offering are combined. About 2,000 tasks are accessible annually. Most jobs, without being advertised through the Global Talent Pool, are completed.


An online directory of host accommodations called HelpX includes non-organic and organic farms, farm stays, homestays, ranches, lodges, B&Bs, and backpacker hostels. HelpX is also an online listing of sailing boats that offer temporary housing to volunteers in exchange for food and accommodation.

HelpX displays tons of internet farms, ranches, tiny lodges, and hostels that are offering food and stay in return for voluntary assistance. HelpX is an excellent resource for paid volunteer jobs overseas for adolescents who have a restricted time frame to work and want flexibility in selecting what they are doing and with whom.


When it comes to the sort of organization that promotes paid volunteer employment, you can almost definitely bet that government- or big NGO-sponsored programs will have the means to provide some reimbursement.

Try going out for these volunteer jobs and get the chance to help other communities for free. If you are looking for other jobs, click here for more information.

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