How to Get Social Media Strategist Jobs Near Home

Most companies have written precise and clear job descriptions for a social media strategist; therefore, through planning and extensive information, finding a job near home doesn’t have to be so stressful. This article explains the steps to take and websites to consider when looking for a social media strategist job if you have the vital skills.

A social media strategists play a role in marketing the company online; hence, they can meet a large group within a short time.


How to Get Social Media Strategist Jobs Near Home

Nature of Job

The social media strategist job entails being creative and thinking outside the box to ensure you have introduced a unique platform that will attract more users. In most companies, social media strategist jobs include being responsible for the development and implementation of the organization’s social media platform.

Social media strategists play a significant role in improving and supporting the online presence and marketing efforts of a company or brand. You should have extensive skills with website creation and hosting, ensuring that you provide the best services.


Average Job Rates

The country and location of the job, your experience level, and the responsibilities given to you are the key determinants on the amount paid for a social media strategist job.

In the United States, the average pay is $47,718  per year, which is approximately $16.46 per hour.

In the UK, the average yearly salary is £24325.


In Canada, the average pay is CA$50,980 per year.

In Australia, the average salary is AU$80,938 annually.

In South Africa, a social media strategist earns R175,665 yearly.


To qualify for such a job, you must meet certain skill and educational requirements. You should have excellent knowledge of Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Most companies require social media strategists to have SEO knowledge, as well as experience with web traffic metrics, buyer and audience research, and more to understand needs and interests.

It is an added advantage to have web design skills, a bachelor’s degree in marketing, and extensive communication skills. You should be a team player and problem solver. With these skills and experiences, it will be more straightforward to earn a job.

How to Get a Social Media Strategist Job Near Home

To land a social media strategist job near home today, consider the tips below.

Quantify Prior Results – It is essential to demonstrate an interest in the tools of trading by making follow-ups on various websites and social media platforms.

Be Updated – Have an updated resume uploaded through all your job site platforms to create a wide range of opportunities.

Take an Online Course – Social media is a broad sector; hence, the need to be updated with valuable information and education could not be more clear. Additional professional training in your resume will be beneficial once you get hired.

Network – Seek advice from people in the social media strategist profession, and understand the basic requirements for the job and new ideas that will boost your job search process.

Sign up on the following sites to increase your chances of landing a social media strategist job in your desired location.

Glassdoor – This site provides job listings and company ratings, as well as salaries estimated; therefore, you will have to filter your search to land on a company that is near you and meets all your set standards.

Indeed – Thousands of companies have signed up with this site providing background information on their pay scale, company values, and more. After signing in, you will have an opportunity to receive email alerts on jobs that meet your interests when you save various searches.

Betterteam – This site entails job listings from various job boards, including career opportunity pages. This site has simplified the process for applying to and landing jobs.

Government Sites & Programs

Do you wish to work within the government? Do you want to utilize valuable government resources in your job search process? Visit these sites to make your search process easier and more convenient.

In the US, visit the official government website at USAJobs.

Visit for jobs in the United Kingdom.

Visit for job searches in Canada.

If you want to speed up the job search process, visit in Australia.

For South Africa job searches, visit


Landing a good social media strategist job can be straightforward with a plan and essential information. The above guidelines are the key to landing this kind of position within a company near your home. You will make more money with higher skills.

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