Discover the Benefits and How to Apply

The German-based supermarket group, Lidl, operates in not just Germany but 32 countries across the globe. In fact, in the UK alone, it has more than 800 stores and 13 distribution centers, employing over 23,000 people.

If you are looking for work in this field, Lidl is a must to consider. It is expanding and always looking to hire dedicated, hard-working, and qualified employees. If you fit into the category then you too can play a role in their success story.

We took a closer look at the different types of job postings at Lidl supermarkets and how to apply for them. If you’re interested in a career path with this company, you can learn about the job details below.

Discover the Benefits and How to Apply 1


If any of the jobs covered in this article appeal to you, visit the Lidl careers website, and click on “Stores” or “Warehouses” to find the job options.  For every option, there is a button to click to apply.

You can also contact them at [email protected]. For your convenience, we supply the direct link to every job opportunity as we discuss the jobs in this article.


In principle, all employees, regardless of the level they are at, receive the same basic perks. These include 30 days of holiday, a pension scheme, and a discount card giving a 10% discount in all Lidl shops.

You also earn long service awards and receive ongoing training. Once you get to a senior level in the company, you get 35 days of vacation time. In jobs with a lot of responsibility, you may even get a company car. 

Lidl Retail Jobs


You need cleaning or maintenance experience for this job. The number of hours you work per day will depend on where you work, but the compensation will always be £9.30 to £11.05 per hour. 

The main task is to ensure that the store and outside areas are clean, tidy, and safe.

Customer Assistant

Previous experience and the flexibility to work early shifts at 5 am or finish late shifts at 11 pm is needed for this job.

You work with a team to ensure the store is well-ordered, enabling customers to find the products they prefer. You are paid £9.30 up to £11.70 per hour, plus an extra £2.00 per hour for hours worked between 00.00 – 05.00.

Shift Manager

Your ability to effectively delegate tasks and motivate a team might qualify you for this job. Your main task is to keep the store running and to take full responsibility for the shop floor.

You lead and motivate your team, delegate tasks, and solve problems swiftly. Your pay is £10.30 up to £12.70 per hour, plus an extra £2.00 per hour for hours worked between 00.00 – 05.00.

Deputy Store Manager and Store Manager

For the Deputy job and Manager job, you need team-leading experience. You must also have excellent communication skills to create an environment where every member of the team can do their best work.

The annual salary for Deputy Manager is £30,000 up to £41,800 and for the Manager £41,000 up to £58,300

Area Manager

For this job, you must have the ability to understand reports and take the necessary steps. As an Area Manager, you oversee the operations of three to six Lidl stores in your area, to make sure that they are performing at their best.

For this, you are paid £54,000 up to £82,500 per annum.

Lidl Warehouse Jobs

Warehouse Operative

Warehouse Operatives work in shifts ensuring that stores receive the right stock in time. You receive an hourly rate from £9.30 up to £13.50. You get an extra £2.00 per hour for working between 00.00 – 05.00.

If you have to work in the freezer, they’ll add on £1.00 per hour. You have to be willing to work with different types of stock, in temperature-controlled areas.

Desk Clerk

Previous experience, including Excel and Word skills, will get you closer to this job. You handle the flow of incoming and outgoing orders. Co-operating closely with stores and suppliers is part of the job.

The salary is £22,000 up to £33,000 per annum. 

Assistant Team Manager and Team Manager

For the Assistant job and the Manager job, supervisory experience in a warehouse environment is required. You take responsibility for every crate leaving the warehouse.

The annual salary for the Assistant is £35,000 up to £52,250 and for the Manager £44,000 up to £82,500.

Discover the Benefits and How to Apply for Job Openings at Lidl Supermarkets


If you’re seeking a grocery store job or a warehouse job, Lidl is a good place to start looking. Before applying to any job, you must make sure you meet their requirements and they meet yours.

One crucial thing to watch out for is the opportunity to grow with the company. Since Lidl is a large organization, if you put time and dedication into your work, you have the opportunity to climb the ranks.

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