See the Benefits and How to Apply for Job Openings at Tesco Supermarkets

What started as a small stall in 1919 with Jack Cohen selling war-surplus groceries at Well Street Market in Hackney, has risen to become the world’s third-largest retailer! Yes, we are talking about Tesco, the multinational groceries and general merchandise giant!

Employing over 450,000 people and making up to 42 million transactions per week, Tesco is undoubtedly the biggest food brand in the UK.  With an aim to serve shoppers a little better every day we can say for sure that it has garnered millions of happy customers.


Let’s take a glance at the work environment and the benefits you can expect at Tesco. We also look into some jobs up for grabs at Tesco supermarkets and how you can apply for the same.

See the Benefits and How to Apply for Job Openings at Tesco Supermarkets

What’s it Like Working at Tesco?

The upbeat and collaborative work environment at Tesco is something that all its employees enjoy. There are open offices and shared desk spaces to enable them to hold informal meetings and discuss projects. With tea points on every floor and restaurants offering fresh and delicious food, Tesco offers multiple menu choices.


Besides making their employees comfortable, Tesco is driven to support you in making the most of your talent. Offering great opportunities for growth and promotions to higher levels.

What Benefits Can You Expect?

Tesco offers a load of benefits that are easily accessible, simple to understand, and are of great value to its employees. The Tesco Retirement Savings Plan, for example, lets you save up from an early age resulting in great retirement benefits in the long run where Tesco adds 7.5% from its end to match up to your contributions.

You can avail of holiday pay and sick pay besides maternity pay and leave. There are various schemes like Buy As You Earn and Save As You Earn, from which all employees can benefit. Tesco also offers an Annual Colleague Bonus Plan, offering up to 3.5% of base salary.


Not forgetting the great discounts on offer on merchandise purchases, theme parks, and even holidays. The Colleague Clubcard offers a 10% discount when you complete 3 months of service. You also can explore the Cycle to Work Scheme and enjoy national gym membership discounts as well as rebates on health plans.

Some Exciting Vacancies at Tesco Supermarkets

Tesco supermarkets have some great jobs on offer at various locations across the UK. Let’s take a look at some vacancies they have recently advertised.

Customer Service Assistant, Manchester

The main responsibilities of this job include greeting customers and welcoming them to the store, listening, and talking to them while helping them find whatever they need. It also requires you to be passionate and knowledgeable about all the products in the store.

Duty Pharmacy Manager, Edinburgh

This job requires you to ensure that the medicines are available, carry out tests, dispense medicines, and give healthcare advice. To apply for this position, you must have a pharmacy degree and a membership with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

Shift Manager, Bristol

The duties of this position include taking care of customer needs and being responsible and accountable for your shift. You will also be in charge of the security procedures during the opening and closing of the store.

How To Apply

To apply for a vacancy at Tesco, you will need to visit their official website, register, and create a profile. You can then login and start browsing through the various opportunities available based on your location.

When you find a job that you want to apply for, you can go ahead and fill in the application form provided for that particular position. You must also submit your right-to-work documentation.

If your application is approved, you will be called for an interview. At the interview, you will be given the opportunity to do the task you have applied for so that Tesco can test your practical ability to fulfill the job.

See the Benefits and How to Apply for Job Openings at Tesco Supermarkets

The Bottom Line

With a great working environment, countless benefits, and lots of scope for growth, Tesco is a go-to for job seekers. To stay updated on the latest vacancies, you can always subscribe to their job alerts sent via email and be ready to grab an opportunity of being a part of the Tesco enterprise.