Learn About the Benefits and How To Apply For Job Openings at Sainsbury’s

Being one of the prodigious chains of supermarkets in the UK, Sainsbury’s is a name in itself. To keep up the legacy and the name it has created, the company focuses mainly on providing customers quality at a wide range of prices.

The growth with which Sainsbury’s is expanding its stores and services require a lot of people working together. As a result of which, there comes numerous employment and job opportunities.


Sainsbury’s is an open ground for multipotential jobs related to store management and it frequently aims to hire higher new workers on a regular basis. Here are some of the positions vacant at the firm and methods to apply them.

Learn About the Benefits and How To Apply For Job Openings at Sainsbury's

A Brief Introduction About Sainsbury

Sainsbury was founded by John James Sainsbury in the year 1869 with the shop in Drury Lane in London. The company emerged as a remarkable and biggest retailer of groceries in the year 1922. To date, it has more than 1000+ stores across the country running successfully.


Prominently, there is a strong influence of stores in London and South East England. It has nearly 22 million happy customers in the British grocery retail markets.

Sainsbury comprises a total of 16% share in the United Kingdom economy. It has property joints with the British Land Company PLC and Land Securities Group PLC. Along with that, it now owns Sainsbury’s Bank with the Lloyds Banking Group.

Available Positions at Sainsbury

Generally, Sainsbury’s recruits people in the inventory and sales department. It is a must for you to be 16 years or above to apply for job positions. You can find job positions in Sainsbury’s on a regular basis as they are tremendously hiring people in their workforce.


Mostly, the job positions open are for Online Assistants with an average salary of 9-10 pounds per hour and Sales or Counter Assistants with salary ranging from 5-7 pounds per hour. Some of the other roles for which you can apply are Checkout Assistants with an average salary of 5-6 pounds per hour, Driver with an average salary of 10-11 pounds per hour, and many more.

Employee Benefits

Working at Sainsbury’s allows you to experience a variety of employee benefits. They provide you different perks and reward packages as soon as you become a member of their staff. Starting right from the benefit of Pension, you can easily ensure a plan for your future with the pension scheme they offer.

Equating to your yearly income, Sainsbury offers you a lifetime pension cover. One other benefit that they provide you with is the Annual Bonus. It is role-specific and based on the targets achieved annually. In addition to these, they provide conveyance facilities and additional allowances on vehicles like a 10% discount on the cost of the bike.

A major benefit is the Colleague Discount Card i.e, after a year you will receive a colleague discount card which can be used to get a 10% discount on shopping in-store. Apart from these, awards for long service, holidays, and season ticket loans are some additional benefits.

Also, the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential service that supports the staff members on matters such as legal advice, counseling, and debt advice. Another initiative that contributes to these lists of benefits is that of the SSA – Sainsburys Social Association, which is to experience leisure discounts while shopping from Sainsbury’s.

How To Apply

To apply for a job at Sainsbury’s, visit their official site for job application. Apply for your job type by filling in the necessary details and submit a CV if asked. The next segment will be of online assessment which is required to be clear to move to the next step.

After that, you will come across the interview round where some questionnaires must be answered. Upon clearance of the interview, they will then ask you to appear for a final assessment. It will be the result of your final assessment that will determine your fate as Sainsbury’s employee.

Learn About the Benefits and How To Apply For Job Openings at Sainsbury's

The Bottom Line

Sainsbury has created an imprint in the markets of the UK and its foundations are laid deep in the country’s economy. Also, being such a large network in the business, it provides a lot of job and employment opportunities. Therefore, take no time and start applying to join one of the biggest organizations in the world.