Companies That Offer Paid Summer Internships

Once you start looking at summer internships abroad, there always seems to be one major question that emerges suddenly: Is it paid? There is no doubt that a course abroad offers an incredible opportunity, but far too often the expense discourages future interns from ever applying.

It can easily turn irritable and even appealing to completely rethink one’s goals with such a large pool of foreign internship opportunities, in which paid ones to seem so few and far between. With all the expenses of paid summer internships or long-term internships, you can look forward to a lot of different forms of payment when interning overseas, which can be just as useful as a cash stack.


In general, students may notice that paid internships for college students abroad come in the form of academic credit receiving. This is extremely handy in killing two birds with one stone, in a sense, as obtaining an internship through your school can allow you to gain real-life work experience while earning class credits. Here are some companies that offer summer internships and long-term internships. 

Paid Summer Internships

Premier TEFL

Summer Internship
Discover how to teach English abroad from international TEFL experts. Gain a lifelong teaching qualification and explore exotic destinations including Vietnam, China, Thailand, and Spain. Photo credits to:

Premier TEFL offers an internship lasting nine months in Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, and China. It’s more than enough time to find your dream course in your foreign resume some street credit. This is the internship opportunity of a lifetime, whether you aspire to work in education or with ESL student learners.


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Goldman Sachs

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The Goldman Sachs offers internship programs worldwide. Photo credits to:

Students and new graduates who are hoping to gain knowledge in the financial services sector can do so in a competitive international market with top-of-the-line colleagues. Just make sure your resume is excellent and that you really are competing with the best.

This is one of those fully funded international internships that will mark you as a prominent choice for future employers in your upcoming job quest. It will equip you with amazing skills as well and give you the hook-up as you develop your professional communication network.


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L’Oreal is one of the leading cosmetics companies today. Photo credits to:

L’Oreal offers internship programs in HR in Malaysia, in activities in France, in Dubai or Brazil, in Italy or Sweden, in Switzerland, or in Hungary. For the French-owned beauty and cosmetics agency, the possibilities are endless.

Their Global Opportunity Program allows students and young professionals to volunteer throughout the globe in other countries. We also have a vast array of resources that will undoubtedly be important to your studies and regional interests.

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IAESTE offers opportunities for paid internships abroad for students who are pursuing subjects in the technical field. Photo credits to:

The IAESTE Internship Placement Program offers opportunities for paid internships abroad for students who are pursuing subjects in the technical field. The program provides pre-arrival assistance for work visas and lodging, as well as cultural excursions and networking opportunities. The course is extremely competitive, as with most paid internships.

Since the industrial sector is such a broad field with so many qualified applicants, it will be particularly difficult to grab this specific paid internship. Make sure you put a great deal of effort and special care into your submission, so you can stand out.


Try going out for these summer internship programs and get the chance to help other communities, and build your resume as well. For more paid volunteer jobs, click here.

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