Top Five Apps to Find Freelance Jobs

If a circumstance arises where you require the best freelance jobs, there are apps set up to help you connect with clients and carry out various writing assignments. Writers, designers, marketers, and developers have the opportunity to find multiple freelance jobs. All apps have unique features that are designed to meet your needs and expectations.

Payments are also made in different payment accounts, including PayPal; hence, you have an opportunity to select one that meets all your desires. Here are a few of the top mobile applications for seeking freelance work.


Top Five Apps to Find Freelance Jobs


Upwork is a combined application of oDeck and Elance that creates one large peaceful market for freelancers. Orders from all over the world are welcome in a variety of categories. The steps to joining Upwork and receiving various jobs are straightforward. You can access over 12 million freelancers working with over a million clients.

For a beginner, Upwork takes about 20% of your payments until you’ve built a regular relationship with any one client. For instance, once you’ve billed $500 to a certain client, all payments after that quota will only be charged a 10% fee by Upwork. You will find this app helpful if you are willing to be competitive.



The Fiverr application motivates freelancers to take action and start working to make a living. Beginners are paid around $5 for a typical job, but the money adds up fast. You can select the types of service you are looking to do, and various job options will arise. Fiverr is a great source of information for freelance job seekers.


Many clients have used the Indeed app to post various freelance jobs online. It is possible to find freelance jobs through Indeed, as they collect gigs from various interwebs and then organize them in one place. It’s free to join, giving freelancers from all over the globe an opportunity to work.

Through Indeed, freelancers can also seek jobs from various companies offering various categories of jobs.



Freelancer is a prominent app for find freelancing jobs from various parts of the world. It offers a page for those who desire to hire and for the people willing and capable of working. The projects offered in the Freelancer app are hourly and by fixed payment contract. The Freelancer website provides all the guidelines and the information needed to know by a new freelancer.

There are millions of clients who share their work through Freelancer, therefore creating a wide range of job opportunities to apply to.


Through Guru, a freelancer can create a profile sharing their skills and experience. It is straightforward to be contacted by potential employees. You are also able to get jobs with a charge of 9% as commission.

The Guru website will enable you to access their services. You will be able to find more employment as a freelancer. Guru has a safety feature and messaging system that allows a freelancer to ensure all funds for any work done are secured.


In conclusion, finding freelancing jobs is accessible with the above apps. Millions of people have earned honest livings and side money through freelancing jobs. You will find the category of job you are looking for in the apps provided. It is important to have information on those apps to understand their terms and conditions.