The Best Top-Paying Jobs For Criminal Science Majors

What are the chances of obtaining a high-paying job with a criminal science major? When considering getting a criminal science major, you must be aware of the requirements for the position. You should understand the various opportunities you can take advantage of in order to make a lot of money.

Just like any other career, criminal science professionals must have extensive skills and experience in dealing it different criminal offenses. You must have a degree that is related to law or criminal justice from a certified school. The amount of money you make in a criminal science career varies with the employer and the country you are working in. Some employers will issue payment based on the experiences you have or your educational qualifications.


This job entails handling different critical situations, some of which will deal with dead bodies. You must be ready to establish the primary cause of any crime and formulate a solution or help the court with the judgment or ruling. Here is a list of top-paying jobs in criminal science positions and what the job entails.

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Medical Examiner

Medical examiners earn a lot of money compared to other professionals in the criminal science sector. This career requires extensive research and educational qualifications, which might take longer to obtain than the requirements for other professions in this field. This is the reason that the salary is high.

This career requires you to complete eight years of medical school. After completion, you will have to pass the state test to gain a license to operate as a qualified medical examiner. The average salary is approximately $200,000 per year. In some states, this salary can be even higher.


Your eight years at the university will not be in vain. It’s an essential requirement for you to have training as a physician and pathologist to give your best in this field. The primary role of a forensic medical examiner involves working closely with different officers to help solve different death cases. There is a need for extensive training to make the right determination.

Forensic Accountant

In modern society, many crimes involve monetary fraud. Therefore, a forensic accountant has to work on complicated transactions. Many criminals will try to cover illegal activities involving money. Consequently, it’s your role as a forensic accountant to find out how and why the criminals are hiding their money.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, accounts or auditors earn a minimum wage of $67, 190 every year. While working as a criminal accountant, your role will include working in breach of contract cases, money laundering, security fraud, post-acquisition disputes, and helping business with valuation.


In order to work in this field, you must have extensive experience and be devoted to giving your best. You must have a degree in accounting and other course knowledge related to criminology. You will have to pass the state test to earn a license.

Crime Scene Investigator

Crime scene investigators play a big part in finding justice by ensuring they determine the primary cause of a crime. You must have a degree related to this sector as well as extensive skills to deal with people under pressure. A criminal investigator works with the testimonials given and comes up with a substantial solution to help solve the case. The average salary is $56,320, which will rise as you gain experience.

Forensic Engineer

Forensic mechanical or architectural engineers make a lot of money through their different projects. The Board of Engineering and Technology must accredit you. The primary role includes dealing with machines, examining their problems, and formulating solutions. Some machines can fail due to tampering or other criminal offenses. Therefore, it’s your role as the engineer to determine the cause. The median salary for these engineers is $83, 580 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ research.

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Bottom Line

There are many career opportunities in the criminal science sector. These jobs are high-paying as long as you have the experience and educational qualifications. These jobs require keenness and extensive research since any default can lead to the wrong person being persecuted. Enroll in a certified school to earn the relevant degree then seek training to be certified.

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