How To Start A Career As A Dancer

Many people hold the false belief that dancing is something that is only for young girls. Dance is an art form that is meant for men, women, children, and adults alike. Further, you can earn money by having a career as a dancer.

In life, there is nothing as fulfilling as pursuing your passion. In addition to being gratifying, it is also a source of motivation; you always have something that you are looking forward to. Studies have also shown that if you do what you love, you become more productive compared to someone who is working for the sake of a paycheck.


If you love dancing, then nothing should hold you back from chasing your dreams. In this post, we will outline all the information you require regarding this position. With hard work and the proper talent, you can build a successful dancing career for yourself.


Dancing Job Description

Dancing is physically demanding. As a result, you must be in good physical form. You can achieve this by rehearsing every day and taking classes in your area. This will help you prepare your muscles and become even more flexible before you go for auditions.


You also need to be physically available for exercises and also be willing to practice until you have perfected all of your moves. For some jobs, you might even be required to sing or perform another sort of entertainment.

The finest thing about being a dancer is that it presents many traveling opportunities across the globe. So, if you love traveling, this job will work just fine for you. Remember that your trip is primarily about dancing, performing, and entertaining others.

You must maintain a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle as a professional dancer. In some instances, you might be required to train new dancers as well.


Educational Requirements Of A Dancer

One benefit of this position is that you don’t need any formal certifications to get started.  You only need to be passionate and have good dancing skills. However, you may have seen kids start dancing as early as five years old. So if your child is interested in dancing, be sure to enroll them in ballet early. As time goes by, they can go for more intense types of dancing. Overall, starting from a young age will help you master the art form. Regardless of when you start, dancing is very technical. So, you will need some type of formal training, likely for a number of years, before you can be a professional.

If you want to be a dancer, you should be energetic and physically fit. You have to be able to move and perform whatever choreography moves your trainer will recommend. This position is not for the lazy; if you are one, you better consider other options.

Expected Salary

As a dancer, your pay will mainly depend on the kind of production and studio you are working with. Different productions pay dancers differently. On the other hand, if you train harder, you might be promoted to lead dancer or dance captain. Such elevated positions also come with more pay.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, dancers usually earn around $13.80 per hour. The lowest-earning dancers get paid $8.98 an hour, whereas the highest 10% get paid $34.67 per hour. If you are lucky to work in educational services, you might be paid up to $22.50 per hour. However, those working in bars or other entertainment places get paid about $10.87 per hour.


Bottom Line

If you love dancing and you believe you have what it takes, then we hope these tips will help you pursue your dreams. Call the production house near home or ask a bar if they have any openings. We wish you the best in your career and beyond!

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