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FedEx Corporation is a multinational American delivery services company based in Memphis, Tennessee. The name “FedEx” is a syllabic abbreviation used from 1973 to 2000 for the name of the original division of the organization, Federal Express. This company is well recognized for its overnight shipping service and for developing a program capable of tracking shipments and providing real-time alerts on package position.

FedEx provides a wide range of logistics, e-commerce, and commercial services to clients and companies globally. With $58 billion in annual revenue, the company offers integrated business applications under the valued FedEx name. Consistently ranked among the most respected and valued employers in the world, FedEx encourages its more than 400,000 team members to stay concentrated on their own health and the needs of their customers.


Would you like to start a career working for this successful company? Here are the options you can choose from within FedEx.To find out more about these possibilities, keep reading.

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Operations Management Careers

FedEx Ground hires operations managers across the ground network at more than 500 locations to supervise the day-to-day activities within each facility. Such managers ensure that day-to-day activities are carried out in a secure and effective manner.

This is key to ensuring that FedEx Ground provides its customers with the best service possible. Operations managers are essential for ensuring effective package handling and administrative process enforcement through the supervision of package handlers and administrative staff.


Engineering Careers

FedEx Ground employs engineers from various disciplines including, but not limited to, industrial, mechanical, civil, electrical, computer, architectural, and manufacturing engineers. Engineering positions are still open at FedEx Ground at both their company facilities in Pittsburgh, PA, and Brookfield, WI as well as at many of their field locations across the ground network.

Their roles include calculating the most efficient methods of moving packages between all facilities and researching new sorting and scanning technologies. They also develop and deploy new technology-based equipment and IT information systems. Other than designing new buildings and site projects, engineers often plan, evaluate, and enhance efficiency-enhancing processes. They also provide technical assistance to all areas of the organization, promoting ambitious long-term initiatives.

Maintenance Technician Careers

Maintenance technicians repair, maintain, and engineer the world’s fastest, most effective, automated small packet sorting network. The FedEx Ground maintenance team plays a crucial role in ensuring that day-to-day activities are as effective as possible. The company provides instruction on the job as well as classroom / online education to help you carry on your career. The diverse knowledge set of the maintenance team makes it possible to pick up new skills every day.

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FedEx Corp. offers a wide range of logistics, e-commerce, and business services to clients and enterprises worldwide. The networks operate independently to give customers the best service without compromise. They operate as a large portfolio of customer solutions collectively and are operated collaboratively, under the trusted FedEx brand.

The company offers online forms for applications for those who are interested. Click here for more details about current employment openings.

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