See the Benefits and How to Apply for Job Openings at Waitrose Supermarkets

Waitrose is a name that needs no introduction. The British supermarket giant has been a dominant player having a five percent market share, making it the eighth-largest grocery retailer in the United Kingdom.

The company also has a royal contract to supply groceries, wine, and spirits to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. Working for such a reputed firm, irrespective of the job position is a matter of pride.


If you are looking to join this reputed firm and are looking for methods on how to do it, then you’re in the right place. Everything you need to know about working at Waitrose can be found in this blog. But before we begin…

See the Benefits and How to Apply for Job Openings at Waitrose Supermarkets

A Little About Waitrose

Waitrose was founded in 1904 by David Taylor, Arthur Rose, and Wallace Waite. The grocery giant had humble beginnings as a small grocery store in Acton, West London.


The first Waitrose supermarket opened in Streatham, London and since then it has continued its expansion, with three hundred and forty-nine supermarkets to its name as of 2019. The supermarket chain also has an online store that enables users to do their shopping while relaxing in their own homes.

Waitrose supermarkets sell everything one can imagine at such stores from food items, home essentials, frozen food, meat, spirits, toiletries, and other items, to name a few.

As for employment opportunities, Waitrose has various exciting, lucrative job roles on offer spread across various stores in the United Kingdom. These include supermarket assistants, customer delivery drivers, product advisors, team managers, and store managers, to name a few.


Applying For A Job At Waitrose

The process of applying for a job at Waitrose is fairly simple. Visit the John Lewis Partnership (JLP), the parent company of Waitrose’s dedicated job website. Users will have the choice to search for job opportunities on the landing page.

Alternatively, they can click on the Current Vacancies which will redirect them to a page showing all the vacancies available at Waitrose supermarket. Users need to click on a job listing of their choice. They will be sent to a page specifically for the job opening.

Users will be provided with complete details of the job, such as the job type, location, salary, and hours of work. To further simplify the job application process, there is a video on the page that provides potential applicants with a sneak peek into the job role.

The video showcases the job roles and responsibilities accompanying the job role and what the experience will be like working at Waitrose.

What Next?

After going through the details, users need to click the “Apply Now” button on the page. Registered users can proceed further with the job application process. New users will be required to create a new John Lewis Partnership account.

There are several channels through which one can look for job openings at Waitrose. For example, Waitrose has industrial placement schemes for students. They are offered work in their branches under this program, giving them experience in marketing and other operations.

Waitrose also offers various management courses, such as the Retail Management Training Scheme. Under this scheme, individuals can become section managers or department managers upon completion of training and gaining relevant work experience.

Employee Benefits at Waitrose

Waitrose is owned by JLP, which is itself owned by the employees. The employees are partners. Employees receive lucrative benefits through bonus payments. These payments are based on annual profits.

The most notable perk is the Partner bonus. Employees usually get 10-20% of their yearly salary as a lump sum bonus and paid in March month. Additionally, employees are entitled to a Partner Discount Card, also known as the green discount card.

The cardholders are entitled to a 20% discount in Waitrose stores and a 25% discount on most goods at John Lewis Department Stores. Employees are also provided access to country houses and parks, such as The Odney Club.

See the Benefits and How to Apply for Job Openings at Waitrose Supermarkets


We hope that this blog provides all the details regarding the job application process and employment at the Supermarket of the Year. If you have any additional questions, you can visit the FAQs page on the JLP website to get further information.

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