Check Out These Online Medical Coding Jobs

Medical coding refers to the multitude of activities and duties meant to analyze and assign standard codes to clinical statements, which are based on a pre-defined classification system. Online medical coding jobs are available, but applicants must meet specific requirements to get hired.

Mostly, the data that results from clinical coding is useful for medical research and resource allocation. This also applies to medical billing and much more.


The information is used by institutions, hospitals, governments, private organizations, and so on. The salary is above average, so it is worth meeting the requirements.

Check Out These Online Medical Coding Jobs

What are Medical Coding Jobs?

Medical coding jobs are dedicated to health professionals who are specialized in clinical coding. The coder will use standardized codes that are mostly pre-defined by international institutions, like the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) and the Common Coding System for Healthcare Procedures (HCPCS).

The main duty of a clinical coder is to code health concepts using pre-defined classifications. Medical coding consists of three primary stages.

  • Abstraction
  • Assignment
  • Review

Medical coding jobs are cataloged in various categories, as follows.

  • Entry-level
  • Intermediate
  • Senior coder
  • Nosologist

Nowadays, finding remote work is simple thanks to the Internet, and medical coding jobs can also be fulfilled remotely. To be eligible, you must accomplish training in this field and prove that you have reliable experience in the field if you target an intermediate or higher-level position.

In the US, the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) are the two institutions that certify clinical coders. Private clinical coding and billing courses are also available, but you should stick to public, renowned institutions just to be sure.


Where to Find Clinical Coding Jobs

There are many opportunities on freelancing sites, but if you want to be a part of a reliable company, there are several significant names in medical coding. Let’s look at more details about the most important companies in this field.

Aviacode provides coding and auditing to health professionals, hospitals, and so on. You can apply for medical coding jobs with Aviacode, and you could work either part-time or full-time.

Health care providers can work with The Coding Network for medical coding. The firm also offers remote medical coding jobs, so you can give it a shot if you wish to work in this field.

Himagine Solutions also provides remote jobs for clinical coders who reside in the US. To be eligible, however, you must live in one of the following cities: Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Detroit, San Diego, San Francisco, or Charlotte. You can also live in Washington, D.C., and still be eligible.

One of the most significant companies that offers medical coding jobs is Humana. Even though it provides remote jobs, employees might need to travel to the company’s HQ in Kentucky every now and then.

Another excellent example of medical coding opportunities is UnitedHealth Group. The company is a giant in the healthcare field and offers remote jobs for clinical coders. The firm requires a higher level of certification and experience.

Average Pay

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the wages in medical coding range between $26,500 and $66,200 per year.

The BLS also reported in 2018 that the median salary for clinical coder orbits around $40,500.

The median rate per hour revolves around $18, and this just depends on the worker’s experience and certification in medical coding.

Required Skills and Qualifications

Having a GED is not always sufficient to obtain medical coding jobs. Employers in this field also demand post-secondary career training in medical coding.

Coders need to possess a six-month qualification certificate in medical coding and billing. As for the needed skills, an excellent clinical coder must be focused on details, have knowledge of medical science, be a good communicator, possess excellent technical skills, and have a strong moral character.

How To Apply

In order to get an online medical coding job, all you need to do is check the websites above and find a remote medical coding job that is suitable for your skills and expertise.

Then, you typically need to complete a form, provide your CV and/or a cover letter, according to each company’s requirements.

Check Out These Online Medical Coding Jobs


Online medical coding jobs are available on the Internet, even on freelancing sites. However, you have to possess a certificate to prove your skills as a clinical coder.

The qualifications in this field are not hard to meet, and all you must do is participate in and graduate from some short-term training in this field. Once you’ve got all the papers you need, you can apply for a job and expect to earn more than $26,500 per year.