Make Money as a School Nurse

Are you interested in joining the nursing field? Many schools have advanced, and instead of giving the students permission to go outside the school hospitals, they have developed to provide medical inside the school.

In many cases, students get sick either due to harsh weather conditions, allergies, or other problems. A school nurse plays a significant role in helping them recover and spend less time out of class. A school nurse works either in the school compound or around the school but is managed by the school’s administration.


As a school nurse, you can find numerous opportunities to increase your income. Therefore, it’s an excellent career for you. Here is a complete guide to what you need to know about the career path of becoming a school nurse. 

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How to Become a School Nurse

A school nurse must be ready to work with children and help them at the individual level. It’s an essential requirement for a school nurse to have extensive experience in the medical field. You must also understand the policies and laws of the school.

Being a school nurse means that you will have to deal with student conflict issues, as well as bullies. You must be an excellent communicator and creative in handling such cases. Students, at times, might be cunning, therefore take time to guide them and understand their situation before giving them any diagnosis.


Becoming a school nurse requires a degree in medicine. It’s also a requirement for you to have a bit of experience in social issues and understanding children. You will also be involved with parents and administrators. Therefore, you must be skilled at what you do.

It would help if a professional nurse association licensed you. It’s your responsibility to make critical decisions on the children’s condition without a doctor being present. The parents and the schools must be assured you are qualified. Therefore, they mostly hire people with many years of experience.

Payment for a School Nurse

As a school nurse, you will sign a contract with the school administration. The salary varies with the roles and responsibilities you are entrusted to handle. As a school nurse, your work will not be very demanding. Depending on the size of the school, you can work either part-time or full-time.


The average pay also varies with your qualifications and whether you have decided to work part-time or full-time. You can work in a private or public school, military bases, or alternative schools. Your salary also depends on the type of institutional setting you are serving.

Roles and Duties of a School Nurse

A school nurse mostly serves the role played by a doctor in a hospital setting. Your role will include providing both physical and mental care to the children. You are responsible for treating common illnesses such as fever, colds, headaches, stomach aches, and other ailments.

In case of an injury, you are to administer first aid treatment to the student and contact the parent to inform them of the student’s condition. When dealing with children with other conditions that need regular medications, you are to monitor them closely and dispense the necessary drugs appropriately.

It’s also your responsibility to create awareness of various health conditions. You should be able to discuss matters concerning AIDS and other diseases.

Steps to Search for a Job

After graduating with a nursing degree, you should get an internship in a health center to gain skills. Upon completion, you will have to do a test to be licensed and certified as a professional nurse. Many schools are being opened each day, therefore, you have ample opportunities for a job.

Ensure all your documents are in order and drop them at different schools. A plethora of websites exist where you can advertise your resume and start earning as a school nurse.

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Bottom Line

A school nurse is part of the school administration since you are concerned with the wellbeing of the children. Making money as a school nurse is not difficult, as long as you have earned a degree from a certified school and have extensive skills in the medical field.

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