Worldwide Travel Nursing Jobs – How to Apply?

Interested in traveling the world whilst continuing to practice your profession as a nurse? All nations, including the U.S., are in need of nurses to attend to the healthcare needs of a growing number of patients, particularly in remote towns and developing areas. This has created a demand for worldwide travel nurses. Curious? Read on to learn what to anticipate and how you can apply for worldwide travel nursing jobs.

What are Worldwide Travel Nursing Jobs?

Worldwide Travel Nurses provide healthcare assistance and service to remote clinics and hospitals in various parts of the world for a limited amount of time. They usually work 13- to 26-week periods in one site before moving overseas or to another part of the country, depending on the places or facilities where they are needed.


Nature of Worldwide Travel Nursing Jobs

Since the demand for nurses is so high, shortages in certain areas are commonplace. Healthcare facilities hire traveling nurses to work in a specific position for a short amount of time to fill in the void until new staff are employed. Because of the nature of the job, single people who love to perform their duties as healthcare professionals while traveling in different parts of the world would fit this position.

The primary benefit of this nursing job is that you can pick where to live and work. If you suffer from a case of wanderlust, this is a dream come true.

For this worldwide travel nursing position, recruiters frequently hire applicants who are open-minded, compassionate, have excellent people skills, adaptable to different assignments, job types, and work settings as well as those with good physical and emotional health.


Worldwide travel nursing jobs

Worldwide Travel Nursing Job Rates

Computing for the annual income of a travel nurse can be complicated. Each contract provides unique base pay, reimbursements, and non-taxable benefits. For example, one job might provide a high hourly salary but lower allowances. The rate also differs depending on the city, country, and agency.

According to Glassdoor, the base rate ranges from $52,000 to $93,000 per year, with an average of $78,120. The nurse may receive bigger take-home pay depending on the allowances and other perks offered in the contract.


Worldwide Travel Nurse Expected Monthly Earning

Based on the rates above, a full-time travel nurse can expect monthly earnings of $4,333 to $7,750. The typical salary per month is $6,510.

Worldwide Travel Nurse Job Eligibility

While many recruiters require applicants with a bachelor’s degree in nursing, some consider those who passed the accredited registered nurse (RN) or licensed practical nurse (LPN) program. Typically, LPN programs last 12 to 18 months, while associate degree programs usually take two years, and a bachelor’s degree ordinarily lasts four years. To have more travel nursing opportunities with higher pay rates, some nurses take a master’s degree or post-graduate certifications and diplomas.

How to Apply for Worldwide Travel Nursing Jobs

To apply for worldwide travel nursing jobs you can submit your resume and credentials to employment websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and CareerBuilder. Usually, recruiters provide a checklist of qualifications to find out if you are qualified for the position.

Another excellent choice is to go through an agency like Flexcare Medical Staffing, Atlas MedStaff, or PPR Travel Nursing. They will help prepare everything you need and organize your work placements around the world.

Finally, if you’re looking for a more permanent nursing job in another country, we find that FlexJobs is the best job platform for accessing quality hand-screened remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs around the world. This will be another really helpful platform in your quest for worldwide travel nursing jobs.

We hope your new travel nurse career is successful!

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