Discover These Free Online Elderly Care Courses

Humans live longer with better medical treatment. While some experience a better quality of life for longer than in the past, the number of people in their later years who need assistance is increasing rapidly.

Globally, the population above the age of 65 is increasing more quickly than any other age group, according to the United Nations, which makes this an essential job.

In this article, we look at some courses to explore how you can care for an older person at home, become employed in a care facility, or be curious about the effects of aging on society, the economy, and the population.

Discover These Free Online Elderly Care Courses
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Why Study Elderly Care Courses?

It can be rewarding to work with the elderly, helping you make a real difference to families that depend on elderly care. Within this growing sector, training and education can either start or progress the work into more lucrative positions.

Working in this area also comes with the opportunity to work strange hours to fulfill almost any lifestyle. With positions for all levels of education, salaries are as diverse as the jobs in this sector.

For instance, home health aides at the entry level will start at about $24,000 a year with overtime opportunities to earn more. Geriatric nurses, who may pull in $150,000 or more, are at the other end.

Family Caregiver Videos And Webinars

The Family Caregiver Alliance (FCA) National Center on Caregiving provides access to more than 40 free, registered webinars on caregiver topics for daily care, care planning, and self-care categories.

These topics include but are not limited to: financial assistance for elder care, Palliative Care 101, keeping your family members moving and engaged so they can remain at home, and managing mom’s money, understanding financial caregiving.

To view all of the webinars available, visit the FCA webinar library. You may also visit the FCA’s YouTube channel, which provides various caregiving subjects and videos, including Chinese, Mandarin, Spanish and Vietnamese, in English and other languages.

University Of Tasmania via Independent: Understanding Dementia

The 7-week curriculum is split into three units: ‘the brain,’ the diseases,’ and the person.’ It addresses various subjects, including primary brain anatomy, biology, dementia studies, risk factors, the distinction between normal aging and dementia, and more.

Eighteen specialists in the dementia sector, including neuroscientists, health scientists, physicians, dementia care providers, and people living with dementia, provide the content.

Via video clips, events, games, scenarios, and quizzes, participants will have a chance to interact with the content. They will also have an opportunity to meet online with an international peer network to address the critical issues concerning dementia.

Institute For Professional Education

Created by the Institute for Professional Education, the free caregiver course topics include caregiver basics such as the aging process, body structures, fall prevention, and how to ensure that you take care of yourself.

Aside from that, you can get videos on choking, common chronic conditions, and pain, as well as experiences and stories from other caregivers. 

Videos also offer advice and recommendations for the daily treatment of an individual with Alzheimer’s or dementia, including creating a relaxing atmosphere, improving nutrition and diet, and learning to interact.

Future Learn

For older people, their families, friends, and healthcare teams alike aging and some of the difficulties it represents can be a challenging experience.

By exploring a partnership model of care that seeks to create more profound and more beneficial partnerships between older people and those who care for them in various care settings, the goal of this course is to help you better understand and resolve these challenges.

Future Learn will introduce you to the relationship model in this course and give you some real instruments and techniques for designing your own care plan. The following will be covered.

  • Aging from the point of view of older people and those who look after them.
  • Partnership-centered care model concepts and how to apply them in several settings.
  • The benefits for older people, their families, and healthcare teams of partnership-centered treatment.
  • Practical methods to support older people’s needs and preferences in constructive, compassionate, and collaborative ways.
Discover These Free Online Elderly Care Courses
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The sector comes with a high demand expected to increase in the coming years for senior care staff. There are, however, a lot of free resources that can aid in your entry into this industry.

If you are already in the field of caregiving, these courses can help you to sharpen your current skills and knowledge. Through active learning and improvement, you will be able to be a better caregiver.

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