Online Chat Support Jobs – How to Apply?

Online chat support jobs are a form of customer service wherein you represent the company and support your customers through chat. Online chat support provides a faster and more practical means of contact between the client and the business. This allows for faster feedback thus helping the business improve.

While most chat support jobs are mainly answering customer inquiries and providing solutions to their problems, there are many other online chat support jobs that you can apply to. You can either sell your products, help people troubleshoot, offer your specialized knowledge to people, and more. You also need to have the right set of skills to become proficient with the job.

If you’re interested to learn more about what online chat support jobs are all about and how to apply, check out the guide below.

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What are the Common Chat Support Jobs?

There are a lot of chat support jobs that you can apply to. Many chat support jobs tend to be related to customer service and technical support but others assist in specialized fields like IT support.

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Others also offer medical advice and some companies employ chat sales agents.

You can also provide your expertise in certain products and services while others can become virtual assistants that help schedule appointments, talk to potential customers through chat, process orders, answer messages through social media, and even handle many other business and administrative tasks.

Is Working Online Chat Support Jobs Flexible?

A lot of people are drawn to working online chat support jobs because of the promise of flexibility. There are a lot of companies that allow their employees to choose a schedule of work so they can tend to other matters in their lives.

Others will require you to report at a specific schedule but you can always negotiate your schedule with them.

You can work as much as 35 to 49 hours a week for full-time schedules and have 10 to 20 hours a week for part-time. This is one of the primary causes why many want to find the best chat support jobs out there.

What Do Chat Support Agents Do?

Online chat jobs revolve around communicating with the customer by providing them with the service and resolving any of their issues.

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Some jobs cater to sales and product promotions as well as email assistance, product demos, social media engagements, and more.

What makes it different from other chat support jobs is that they mostly work outside of the office and in the comfort of their homes.

You are free to work wherever you wish as long as you have your device and you have a stable internet connection. Many online chat support jobs offer remote work opportunities which makes it very enticing.

The Benefits of Chat Support Jobs

One of the most outstanding benefits of working at chat support jobs at home is flexibility and freedom.

Unlike the traditional office setting, you have the freedom to work when and how you want. No one is forcing you to go through heavy traffic just to get to the office to work.

This gives you more control over your time to either find another job or make more time for your hobbies and other interests.

Skills to Develop Before Applying as a Chat Support Agent

To apply and work as an online chat support, you will require a certain set of abilities and credentials. Excellent written communication abilities are a must.

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This implies that you must be able to convey your thoughts properly through chat. You need to have a solid comprehension of your products, services, procedures, and policies as well as be able to multitask and handle multiple chats at once.

You need to be proficient with many tools including the main chat software. There must also be a level of professionalism while remaining empathetic to your customers.

Apart from having these skills, you will also need to harness your problem-solving and troubleshooting skills as well as have good time management and organizational skills to maintain your confidence throughout your entire experience.

Educational Qualifications and Other Requirements

Some online chat support jobs require you to have a certain educational background. These jobs are mainly for specific departments such as in IT or other specialized fields.

Apart from that, many other companies only require you to have a good command of written English and be able to properly communicate with the customer. There are specific requirements and educational qualifications for those who want to work online or at home.

When you apply for such online jobs, all you need to prepare is a resume or cover letter, a few documents to prove your identity, and your portfolio.

Where to Find Online Chat Support Jobs

When it comes to finding chat support jobs, there is a myriad of places where you can apply. You can check out your local listings and see if there are online chat support jobs that you can apply to.

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If there are no vacancies, you always look at online platforms and marketplaces that offer online jobs like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and others.

Other websites that offer various online chat support jobs include LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor, and more. You can create an account on these websites, fill up your profile, and apply.

Make sure that your profile has all the details that your employer needs. Search for the job that you like to apply for and submit your resume or cover letter. You will then be scheduled for an interview and after review, you will be offered a job.

How Much Does Chat Support Agents Earn?

There is a constant debate over how much chat support agents earn. It depends on your skills, experience, and the company you’re applying to.

Many might think that there is a standard rate but a lot of companies offer higher compensation for those who have the skills to provide the best results for them.

These include being able to handle more than one chat at the same time, providing top-notch customer service, and maintaining professionalism and empathy throughout the entire chat session. With that, companies often start their offer between $9 to $20 per hour.


Online chat support jobs are a great choice for those who want to stay at home or dislike the idea of having to talk to people on the phone. These jobs are very enjoyable and can be a good way to earn extra income, especially for those who are stay-at-home parents, international students, or anyone who wants a side gig. If you have prior customer service experience, you are more likely to be hired.