How To Apply as a Virtual Assistant Online

Working as a virtual assistant can be a very rewarding and fulfilling career, especially for anyone who wants to work from home. You can carry on maintaining appropriate care for your family without having to spend hours and hours inside an office setting.

A virtual assistant, sometimes known as a VA, is someone who can assist their clients in various tasks while working remotely. These tasks can include scheduling appointments, answering phone calls, making travel arrangements, managing email accounts, writing articles, newsletters, and others. There are even some remote jobs such as creating graphics, conducting research, and even providing customer service.


The industry of virtual assistants has a very wide scope but it is also a very lucrative employment opportunity. If you’re considering working as a VA, check out the article below to learn ‘how to apply as a virtual assistant online and more.

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant or a VA is a freelancer that embodies the role of an administrative assistant by completing different tasks set by the client.

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There are numerous roles you can take such as marketing, customer service, data management, and more. A VA supports the business by supporting its clients and their customers.


Many virtual assistants follow through the daily calendar and schedule as well as respond to emails and calls making sure that all the target objectives are being taken care of.

You help run your client’s business. It is a critical role that many people find to be very fulfilling apart from the very generous salary that you can get.

What are the Roles of a Virtual Assistant

VAs take on many different roles depending on the industry or the business of their clients. For many, it is generally administrative work where you complete different tasks, answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, and many others.


There are also VAs that run projects and hold meetings together with their clients and customers to ensure that the project finishes on time. Some VAs also offer bookkeeping services as well as billing and invoicing.

Other VAs also do content research, blogging, content writing, and customer research. The world of virtual assistants is very wide and you are able to work a career that appeals to you.

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Make

A freelance virtual assistant can have varying salaries. It all depends on the role, the skills that you possess, and the experience that you have.

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Most of the common online jobs that you can find are virtual assistant jobs that cater to customers. With this basic job, you are more likely to start with an hourly rate of around $12 to $15.

This can increase very quickly if you either take on more tasks or if you have a specialized field. Many online marketplaces like Upwork offers online jobs that pay up to $25 per hour while administrative assistants typically get around $35 per hour.

By working as a freelancer with remote jobs, you can find a lot of clients from all over the world offering varying salaries.

What Kind of Virtual Assistants That are In-Demand

There are a lot of different kinds of virtual assistants and there are a lot of them that are currently in demand. You can discover that most virtual assistants have the role of administrative assistants and this is where you can find the most in-demand jobs.

You can take customer calls and provide them with accurate information regarding their inquiries. You can also answer emails and get back to them for follow-ups. Some virtual assistants offer assistance when it comes to scheduling. Whether it is for their medical checkups or simply finishing the tasks set for that day.

A lot of companies are also currently hiring people who are good at organizing files and maintaining the files in their databases. Lastly, social media marketing experts are also quite popular these days now that social media has become lucrative.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant Without Experience

Becoming a virtual assistant takes a lot of effort and if you don’t have the experience, you might run into some problems.

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Fortunately, these are very easily mitigated, and becoming a virtual assistant is not very difficult. You can actually be hired as a virtual assistant even without any experience.

First, you need to take training courses. There are countless online courses available out there that help you become a good virtual assistant. Learn from the experts and make sure you apply thethe knowledge you have gained to your work.

Next, determine the kind of work that you want to do as a virtual assistant. With so many possibilities available, there is bound to be a job opening that suits your interest. You can then start applying for jobs by creating a profile at an online marketplace for virtual assistants.

Skills Required to Become a Virtual Assistant

If you want to work as a virtual assistant, you should also possess the necessary skills and the right mindset to flourish within this industry. You will need to be very open to communication.

This means that you must be able to verbalize your thoughts effectively to your clients and customers. Additionally, you must be highly adept at organizing, managing, and setting priorities for various tasks. A good virtual assistant has at least basic knowledge of computers and technology.

You need to be very creative when it comes to finding solutions to problems that may arise during the time of your work. Lastly, you have to be self-sufficient enough to learn how to solve different problems and adapt to the ever-changing landscape of your work.

How to Apply as a Virtual Assistant

You are now prepared to take on the tasks of a VA, the very first thing that you need to do is apply. You can start by choosing an online marketplace that offers remote jobs to freelancers.

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Register for an account and log in then you can start building your profile by entering all the necessary details including your experience.

If you have a portfolio, you can upload it as well. Don’t forget to include a good photo of yourself and make sure to sell your skills to your potential clients.

Search for the VA job that you’re most interested in and submit a resume or cover letter. You’ll then be scheduled for an interview and if the client likes you, you can start working for them.

Where to Apply as a Virtual Assistant

You can apply for online employment on many different platforms. Some of the best online marketplaces for VA jobs are Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and many more.

Some websites specifically cater to VAs such as Belay Solutions, The VA Hub, The Virtual Hub, MyOutDesk, and many others.

You must conduct research regarding these platforms and see which ones cater to your skills the most.


A virtual assistant who works from home is one of the most ideal career opportunities that everyone needs right now. The demand is still currently high so make sure that you take this opportunity and expand your skill set. You might never know, you can land the best and most fulfilling job that you can have.