Websites for Finding Bookkeeping and Accounting Jobs

Many businesses are expected to outsource their tax, accounting, payroll, and payroll services. This will open up doors for freelance bookkeepers. In this industry, specializing sometimes serves as a disadvantage over those who have many skills under their sleeves. Bookkeepers and accounting clerks who can multi-task and do other tasks such as handling payroll and billing will be favored over those with limited skills.

What Are Accounting and Bookkeeping Jobs?

Accounting clerks and Bookkeepers are financial managers. As a bookkeeper, all you need to do is calculate profits and losses, expenses, receipts, and accounts payable and receivable. In most small companies, one bookkeeper is enough to take care of the entire company’s books, as opposed to big companies, which tend to outsource tasks to different bookkeepers.


All these jobs require accuracy, exceptional attention to detail, and excellent math skills. As a bookkeeper, you must use specialized software to enter data from bills and receipts into the database. You will also be required to create accounting spreadsheets and maintain databases.

For bookkeepers, accountants, and auditing clerks who are computer savvy, this can help you assume responsibilities in procurement, payroll, and billing, as well.

Websites for Finding Bookkeeping and Accounting Jobs 1


How Much Do Bookkeepers and Accountants Make?

Just like it is with most freelance jobs, your pay will largely depend on whether you land a job with a big accounting company or a small one. On the other hand, if you decide to start your accounting and bookkeeping business, you are able to earn much more because you will be taking on more responsibilities. Most bookkeepers earn $60 and above per hour working from home. According to ZipRecruiter, the average work-from-home bookkeepers earn $58,358 per year.

Eligibility to Become a Bookkeeper or Accountant

And the beauty of these jobs is that you can get one right after high school. You will go through some training by your supervisor, but this can even be done online. Having a certified bookkeeper designation can lend credibility to your career advancements.

If you intend to continue working in accounting, a bachelor’s degree in business administration or even accounting will put you ahead of other freelancers without one. This is because most employers prefer clerks who have some college education or a certificate in bookkeeping.


If you this interests you, you might want to check out these websites that advertise bookkeeping, auditing, and account clerk jobs.


Whereas Belay does not hire accountants and bookkeepers as their specialty, this site does hire home-based bookkeepers as part of their overall virtue assistant talent pool.


If you are looking for a more stable, full-time freelance job that comes with benefits, this is the right website to check out. AccountingDepartment prides itself in hiring accountants and bookkeepers, plus controllers. What’s more, is that they offer benefits packages to their full-time freelancers.


To be a part of their website, a resume and cover letter are required for application. Make sure you update your resume before you apply. ClickAccounts strictly hires bookkeepers and accountants.


BookMinders provides accounting and bookkeeping services with a keen emphasis on QuickBooks. Keep in mind that this website is strict with geography restrictions. Before you are hired, you should be within driving distance of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. They do not hire freelancers out of these zones.


If you are looking into joining the bookkeeping or accounting industries, you must be detail-oriented. It’s a relief to know that you don’t need a ton of prior experience, as you will be taken through training. As a bookkeeper, it is also essential that you widen your network, as there are lots of websites that offer these jobs, including FlexJobs.

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