How to Start a Wonderful Meal Planning Business

If you are a food lover and wondering what to do with your cooking skills, starting up a meal-planning business might be the best venture for you.

Families have become too busy with work and kids to take the time to cook nutritious, tasty meals every day. Some find themselves buying takeout or just snacking in the house, which is unhealthy. It is this lack of time that has made the meal-planning business a lucrative one.


Your business should focus on helping people make meals. You will also consider offering meals for people who are on a special diet, such as a dairy-free plan or a gluten-free plan. You can either choose to provide cooked meals or recipes and ingredients that promote healthier lifestyles.

How to Start a Meal Planning Business

Design Your Business Plan

Your first action should be to create a strong business plan. The sole purpose is to define how much capital is needed to run the business. The plan should include how many clients you need daily or weekly to become profitable.


Planned expenses, investments, and profits should all be included in your plan. Your business plan should also have an outline of your projected sales, investment costs, and recurring expenses. This will help you get funding.

What Is Your Niche?

If you want to start a meal planning business, consider finding a niche to get clients interested in your services. If you offer quality services, your customers will keep coming back. You might also have to create an enrollment program for meals that will ensure clients receive their daily, weekly, biweekly, or monthly meals.

Keep your competition in mind, as you have to stand out from everyone offering the same services. Take time to analyze what other companies are offering and find a way of tweaking yours to stand out. Consider offering Paleo, Vegetarian/Vegan, Gluten-free, and/or Low-sodium meals.


Start Marketing Your Business

Without customers, you are wasting time starting up a business, so spread the word out there. Since your business is relatively new, consider some low-cost advertising options such as creating a business website or social media pages, offering free cooking demonstrations in your community, or passing out flyers and business cards.

Hire Employees

You will need additional help, as you cannot do all the work on your own. You will require employees to help in supervising, cooking, preparing ingredients, shopping for the ingredients, cleaning workstations and kitchen areas, cleaning utensils, and advertising your business. You will need a few employees or many, based on your business’s demands and size.

Before hiring, ensure the potential clients are well-versed in your line of business. You might have to take them through a test or training for some time to catch up. Alternatively, you can start alone and employ later after your business has gained ground.


Starting a meal-planning business is such a nourishing venture. You get to take care of people’s healthy lifestyles as you make money, as well. Do the research and start your business today. We wish you good luck! For more information on jobs in the food service sector, click here.

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