How to Get Waiter or Waitress Jobs

Starting as a waiter or waitress is a great way to establish a foothold in the food industry. The food service industry is growing so fast; thus, opportunities for waiter and waitress jobs are being created every passing day.

Waiters usually offer services that are similar to what we do every day. They help customers to choose from the available menu and also recommend other dishes in accordance to the client’s preference.


Waiters and waitresses usually work for hotels, restaurants, and bars, and they can work part-time or full-time. This is one of the best ways to supplement your income.

waiter and waitress jobs
waiter and waitress jobs

Qualities of a Good Waiter or Waitress

A good waiter is supposed to check in on their customer’s satisfaction and also advocate on their behalf in case they have any issues or reservations. Occasionally, they might be asked to receive and process payments for their meals.

As a waiter, you are supposed to engage clients positively. Always inspect the food you are going to serve before you bring it to the table. Always ensure that the food is cooked well to your client’s satisfaction.


You need to have excellent communication skills with a positive attitude. Always smile and welcome clients, listen, and take their orders. This is one way to ensure your customers keep coming in every day.

Getting Started as a Waiter or Waitress

Most waiters did not start in that position. Some started as chefs or hosts and climbed up the hierarchy with time. Never turn down a job you are offered, even if it’s not exactly what you want. This could be a great way to set your foot in the door and start your restaurant career.

Before you get started, you can consider training in food safety. Here, you learn from the simple basics of washing your hands to the correct temperatures for serving your food, especially meats. Being certified in this course will give you a leg-up on the competition. Today, so many companies offer online and offline training. Some offer training on smartphones.


How Much Do Waiters and Waitresses Earn?

Waiters and waitresses usually depend primarily on tips to supplement their income. If you add up the tips and hourly rate, the average pay of a waiter in the U.S. is $20/hour, if you work in a well-established hotel, you could earn up to $40 per hour. Of course, some shifts are better than others, depending on the season and time. Wages also depend on how well clients tip, which in most cases fluctuates. The next time you go out to eat, remember to tip that waiting table, it will make a whole lot of difference in the waiter’s life.

How to Apply for Waiter and Waitress Jobs

Jobs are an excellent starting point. You can make use of job sites such as or to begin your search. To ensure you generate job listings, use keywords such as waiter, food server, waitress, waiting table, and so on. You can also check restaurant websites to see if they have any openings. Have your updated resume and training certificates ready.

On the other hand, reach out to your friends who are in the food industry. These could be your friends and family. Ask them whether they are aware of any job openings for waiters. Never be afraid to ask. Better still, if you have friends working as waiters or waitresses, ask them if they know of any opportunities to refer you.


To get a waiter or waitress job, your attitude is everything. Always have a positive attitude, smile a lot, and be enthusiastic. This is one attribute that will set you apart from the other competitors. Furthermore, after that interview, remember to call in or leave an appreciation note. This will show how enthusiastic you are about the job opportunity.

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