How to Start Making Money as a Cook

If you are a good cook, then it’s high time you turned your passion for the culinary arts into a reality of earning that extra dollar by doing so.

Think about this, everyone needs food to survive, and excellent cooking skills will always be sought-after. It’s a relief to know that you don’t need to be a professional chef to start earning.


If your family and friends are always looking forward to your delicious meals, then you have what it takes to start earning as a cook. Let us get into the details.

Making Money as a Cook

Get Into Social Dining

The beauty of social dining is that it is one of the fantastic ways to network. See the people you are always chatting with online; this is the right time to meet them physically. Call in your friends and family, and offer to cook for them at a fee.


However, before you turn your house into a place of dining, be careful with the kind of people you are inviting over. Are they rowdy? Will they cause havoc in your neighborhood? And perhaps most importantly, can they afford the meal?

Offer Cooking Lessons

If people like your cooking skills, they might start asking you for recipes. But, did you know that this in itself can bring in some extra money? You can offer cooking classes to people who enjoy your food and recipes and even charge them for it. You can do it online by conducting the course via video; all your students need to do is buy ingredients.

You can also offer face-to-face classes. In this case, you will either have a space big enough to accommodate all the people coming over for cooking lessons, or you can even go to their homes and do the “private cooking” at a fee.


How to Overcome Adversity

With everyone starting up cooking classes, the point is to be unique. What is it you are bringing to the table specifically? How different will you be from the rest of the people offering the same business and services? You could also start a blog or website and aim to get a big following. These should become your first clients in case you want to offer services outside the blog.

Starting a Website

Starting a food blog or a website is another lucrative way of showcasing your skills and attracting customers. If you have a blog or page in place already, all is well and good. Why not go on and monetize it and use SEO tools to make it more searchable?

If you are not sure yet how to go about it, you can hire an SEO expert to monetize your site. Once you have finished that, be sure to keep uploading relevant content, such as downloadable recipes, cooking hacks, cookbooks, and other food products that you would recommend to your audience.

Offer Specialist Cooking Services

Today, almost everyone you meet is very conscious about their health and what they eat. Consequently, there is a huge demand for people who can offer specialist cooking, such as those who only cook keto recipes, gluten-free foods, vegan dishes, or even organic and homegrown foods. If you are an expert in cooking any of these dishes, then you might land a client or two who will need your services.

However, to set you apart from the rest, be sure to offer expert advice alongside your dishes. Clients will always look for someone knowledgeable about the services they are offering.

Start Up a YouTube Channel

Another way of making money as a chef today is by starting up a YouTube channel. Of course, it is also flooded with all sorts of cooking videos and accounts, so you need to be unique and come up with your personal niche. Even if it’s not directly focusing on cooking food, you can gain an audience; for example, you can focus on tips for how to buy the best kitchen equipment.


If you are strategic enough, the above strategies will provide you with that extra income. As a rule of thumb, every business needs patience and hard work. Do not expect to wake up one day earning millions; it will take time. Expect naysayers and people turning you down as you start, but do not let this discourage you. Focus on the big goal, and you will make it.

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