How to Start a Cleaning Business

This short article will serve as a quick guide on how to start a cleaning business. Many people don’t first think of this career when they are planning out their future, but this kind of business can actually be quite lucrative if you are good at it.

One thing about making money is that it does not just happen without putting any work into it. For a business to prosper, especially if you are starting your own, you must put in more time and effort.

Even businesses that we admire did not come to fruition overnight; it took time, hard work, and dedication. However, if you’re looking to make money faster and quicker, be willing to do work that most aren’t willing to do; you may just find that you can triumph and outperform the opposition.

Cleaning Business

Cleaning Houses for Money

The cleaning business has existed for a very long time; however, the customer base diminishes because people can’t afford the services. However, in a somewhat stable economy, people are always willing to pay for people to clean for them.

But, you shouldn’t just think of cleaning to make money; have some business goals in mind when you go into this venture. What materials, for instance, are you going to use? How much will you charge? What about transportation? These are all valuable things to consider beforehand.

Setting Your Prices

As you think of pricing, consider what most cleaners charge within your area. For instance, in some areas, cleaners charge up to $100 per hour to clean a house. As such, considering the prices at hand, you might have to set your prices slightly lower to attract more customers. For instance, setting your price at $70 per hour would not be a bad idea for starters.

You should also make sure your price caters to transportation and other materials that you will need to use. Note, however, that if you set your rates slightly lower, and market your business (door to door, Facebook ads, putting up flyers), you might be able to earn yourself a few clients. Also, if you do a decent job, clients might come back to you or refer others to you.

Have a Passion for the Work

In business, impression matters a lot. Do not just clean because you want money; do it also to keep clients and get more referrals. Speaking of keeping your clients and expanding your business, let us expand more on that.

As you provide quality services to your clients through your cleaning business, your business can quickly spiral into a big business. The question is, how prepared are you to handle all the pressure that comes with it? First, hiring an assistant at minimum wage would go a long way in ensuring that you give all your clients quality services.

Advertise Your Services

Also, consider getting yourself a website. Technology has made it possible for everything to go online, whereby even people who are looking for cleaning services would probably check online before ever looking at some flyers you put out in the community. (Giving flyers is still a good marketing strategy, though, if you have little other means.) Be sure to optimize your website for search engines through SEO so that your business is easily searchable.


As your business tends to grow, you might appoint someone to do the cleaning for you as you attend to marketing and all the other paperwork. However, be sure to choose someone good at their work and dedicated to providing nothing short of a thorough cleaning. Also, make sure you are informed of the latest taxes, as failure to file your taxes can kill your business. Otherwise, we’d like to wish you luck with your cleaning business!

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