How to Find Estate Caretaker Jobs Near You

If you would like to learn more about estate caretaker jobs and how you can find one suitable for you and near your home, this is the right article for you.

Typically, caretakers maintain and oversee the well-being of an estate on behalf of the owner. These kinds of jobs can be found in areas where estate owners have their own second homes.


This article will provide instructions on how to find both local and online estate caretaker jobs. Read on and learn more about this profession.

Estate Caretaker Jobs

Duties and Responsibilities of Estate Caretakers

In a nutshell, an estate caretaker manages someone else’s property. You will be responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that it’s all in perfect working condition. Some caretakers only supervise when the owner is away, while others do it as a full-time job regardless of whether the owner is available or not.


The type of estate and size will also determine how much work you will have to shoulder. You will be tasked with walking through homes to ensure that there are no pipe leakages and that the estate perimeter is in perfect condition. Also, keep the compound clean by calling in people to mow the lawns and clean the surroundings.

On some occasions, you might be asked to bring and deliver some packages, collect rent from tenants, listen to tenants’ grievances, and forward them to the estate owner. Being a caretaker does not mean you are a maid, but you can provide necessary cleaning at a fee.

How to Find Estate Caretaker Jobs

There are several ways to search for and land this kind of job, first by doing a quick Internet search. Several websites allow job seekers to post their resumes in search of caretaking jobs, and these include the following.

  • The Caretaker Gazette: You need to subscribe first to use this website. Here, you can create your profile, include your work experience and contact information, and wait for a potential employer to contact you.
  • Caretaker Jobs: Here, job seekers are matched with potential employers or property owners. Once an employer posts an ad about their property and what kind of assistance they might need, caretakers can respond to that ad.
  • Working Couples: If you are a couple or two people looking for a job together, this is the right website for you. Just like with the above sites, you will have to post your resumes and wait for potential property owners to get in touch with you. You will also receive daily alerts about the newly published jobs.

Do your due diligence before you post your personal information on any website. If you cannot afford the paid sites, look out for free ones; there are so many options online. You can also do a local search within your area. Check out property agents and ask them if they know of any openings. You may find a caretaker job easier than you think.

Starting Your Own Estate Caretaker Business

If you prefer to avoid going through the struggle of being hired, you can start your own business. Again, location is everything. You must be able to locate a conveniently located place to be easily accessed by property owners. Starting a business is hard work; it requires dedication and determination. No prior experience is required. However, you need to be street-smart and assure employers that you can manage their properties pretty well.


Just like it is with other jobs, finding estate caretaker jobs requires effort and determination. The good news is that the demand for caretakers keeps rising, making it easy for people like you to land that job easily. Do your research, send in your resume, and we wish you good luck!

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