You Can Make Money As A Government Sanitation Worker

It’s essential to reside in a clean environment to prevent the chances of contracting different diseases. Many people have a busy schedule. Therefore, it can be impossible to collect trash and dispose of it in the right manner. Sanitation workers play a significant role in managing waste from homes or business areas and disposing of it properly.

Sanitation work is essential, and it would not be hard to recognize the effort done by these workers if the trash remained unattended for some weeks. It’s true to say that sanitation workers are valuable people to society.

You can make money working as a government sanitation worker where your role will include collecting trash and disposing of it in dumps or landfills. Joining the sanitation career is not impossible when you understand the basic requirements and what your roles and responsibilities will be. Here is a guide on how you can make money as a sanitation worker.

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Duties And Responsibilities

A sanitation worker’s job is very physical and you will have to handle different equipment while collecting trash. Your responsibilities as a sanitation worker will include lifting various heavy objects. You should be able to lift and work in various weather conditions.

Moreover, your duty includes driving the garbage truck and collaborating with other sanitation workers who will ride along to collect trash from homes or businesses. Garbage trucks are advanced with complex mechanisms for lifting, setting trash cans, and dumping. You will be required to operate this truck mechanism.

It’s your responsibility to ensure the collected trash is well disposed of in the landfill or dump. You are also required to maintain the garbage truck, ensuring it’s in good condition for the next route. You have to inspect the tire pressure, and other truck components prone to wear and tear. The truck should also be cleaned regularly to avoid awful small and spread of diseases.

The Average Salary For Sanitation Workers

A sanitation worker’s salary varies with the state government they are working for and the responsibilities and duties involved. Other factors considered on the average wage include education qualifications and certifications.

The median annual salary is approximately $37,260, which is equivalent to $17.92 per hour. The highest-paid sanitation worker receives a yearly salary of more than $66,020. This data is according to U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics.

This payment is a good salary compared to the tasks involved. In most states, the garbage collection days vary where you can work twice a week or three times a week as per the local arrangements with the community members.

Education And Qualification Requirements

To be a sanitation worker, a high school diploma or an education equivalent is required. Many posted job opportunities related to the sanitation line field also require someone with over two years of experience in this field. You must be non-disabled, willing to work, and ethical. You have to have experience in how to handle the garbage truck mechanisms and maintain its tires and other components.

Besides education requirements, sanitation workers must be able to repeat the same moves over and over again, such as ensuring you empty the trash cans and operate the truck correctly. It would help if you endured working under pressure and in harsh weather conditions. Other workers will also ride along with you. As a result, you need to work well with others.

Sanitation workers must be able to lift over 100 pounds. Therefore, you must be well-built. If you have all these skills and requirements, you can start seeking a job in a government agency dealing with sanitation work.

Job Overview

To get a job as a government sanitation worker, you must have all your documents and resume in order. Prepare your resume that highlights all your skills and competencies as well as previous experience. You will be selected through the set government hiring process. Before being hired, you may be required to go for a physical test to prove your physical strength.

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Bottom Line

Sanitation workers contribute to a clean environment for all of us. This job pays well and guarantees a long-term job contract. If you have a diploma and more than two years of experience, you can start this career. For other government jobs, click here.

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