How to Get Cruise Bartender Jobs

Bartenders are people who work on cruise ships and provide efficient services to passengers on a cruise. The job of a bartender is incredibly demanding, and not only because of the hours.

Bartenders are needed in so many places: from cruise decks to lounges, and also casinos. Some of your responsibilities will be to supervise utility staff, serve drinks, and make beverages for clients.

If you love traveling and might consider this as your next job, then you are in the right place. Consider this article as your bartender’s guide to landing that cruise ship job.

As a bartender you must make sure your clients are happy
As a bartender, you must make sure your clients are happy.

Cruise Bartender Job Description

One of the responsibilities is to keep customers happy. As such, your personality will make you stand out among other job applicants. You must be friendly, outgoing, patient,  and jovial to be successful. You must maintain composure while still knowing when to step up when the situation calls for the same. Additionally, you’ll be in charge of rendering expert services to passengers throughout the cruise ship and serving the staff plus other crew members in the crew bar.

You will also supervise and ensure that the quality of services provided meets the standards of your cruise line. You will ensure that drinks and other beverages are adequately served and garnished with their appropriate glassware. You will also ensure that the bar and tables are all set with straws, napkins, matches and ashtrays, and menus, in addition to confirming that all orders placed are correctly filled.

You’ll be in charge of maintaining the bar clean and tidy following the rules and regulations of the cruise line. You will also stock the bar and prepare for happy hours. Make sure the staff beneath you are doing their job and that there are no complaints whatsoever.

Cruise Bartender Job Requirements and Eligibility

One of the essential requirements of a bartender is that they must be a perfect mixologist. Apart from that, they must have a high school diploma or its equivalent; they must have experience for at least three years minimum serving beverages in a bar, resort, or any other equivalent combination of experience.

You must also have cruise ship experience, excellent communication skills, and solid English language skills. Knowing any different additional language(s) will be a huge plus. Lastly, you must be open and adaptive, ready to work in a multicultural environment.

Bartenders Salary Expectations

As a bartender, your income will mainly come from tips. This is different from other senior staff, including bar managers, who are usually paid a good salary. Salaries range from $1,800 to $2,800 per month.

As a bar manager, since you will be managing the entire cruise staff, you can earn a salary as high as $3,800 per month. Keep in mind that your pay may at times be based on your cruise size, plus gratuities from passengers.


If you love traveling, then you should look into becoming a cruise ship bartender. Not only will you enjoy decent pay, but it also comes with so many opportunities to travel. Bartenders are always in demand year in and year out; you can start as a volunteer in the nearest bar as you gain more experience.

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